the overall structure of the conference and meeting industry in Ireland.

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This assignment is going to discuss the overall structure of the conference and meeting industry in Ireland. Buyers
According to (Rogers Tony 2009) there are two different types of buyers corporate and association there is also the public sector who do not want to be included in the category of association. These two types of buyers either buy or hire out the venue and other services so they can run there event. Association buyers are those who represent a wide variety of different organisations such as charities, trade unions, voluntary associations and political parties etc. Association buyers have specific characteristics because they operate in a certain manner according to (Rogers Tony 2009) for example association buyers are employed by non profit organisations these organisations would be mainly voluntary groups. the decision making process is done using a committee. The major conferences have long lead times to the event. Association buyer tend to plan specific types of events. Delegate numbers can be a couple of hundred and for bigger associations thousands. Use purpose built venues, budgets tend to be lower. the majority of there major events occur in in spring or autumn and generally last 2 – 3 days. Association buyers delegates often have there wives or family member attend with them. One example of association buyers in Ireland is the association of Irish professional conference organisers. According to ( (last accessed 29/10/14) the AIPCO was established in 1999 and is Irelands top professional association for conference organisers. Our association is committed to raising standards of service among its members and other sectors of the meetings industry by means of continuing education and interaction with other professionals.

“AIPCO closely works with Fáilte Ireland, Regional Convention Bureaux and Tourism Ireland in evolving Ireland into an International Conference centre. AIPCO has established a quality mark. It is awarded to those companies which are AIPCO approved.” Another association buyers in Ireland is “meet in Ireland “ Testimonial

Partnership Approach
Organised by Advantage ICO
Feedback on the Ireland bid was that our partnership approach was perfect in every way. It was classy, dignified, informative and to the point and won the day without any challenge at all. Karen O'Sullivan, President, Ice Skating Association of Ireland. Corporate buyers

The term corporate is used to describe the corporate organizers who work for corporate companies such as Microsoft. According to (Tony Rogers 2009) these companies are set up with there main intention to make profit and create financial return for the company. There events generally take place in hotels and purpose built venues. They also generally have short lead times of only a few months. corporate events run all year round but generally peak in spring and autumn. The majority of these events have low numbers of delegates attending the conferences compared to association. 1.Characteristics of corporate buyers are that the organizer are employed by profit organizations. 2.The event decision making process is fast.

3.The event has short lead times measured in weeks and months. 4.Corporate buyer s organize wide variety of events.
5.Delegate numbers tend to be only 100 – 200 maximum
6.Venues are generally hotels
7.Higher budget and the company pays.
8.Delegates partners rarely attend
9.Events run all year
10.Conferences last on average a day


Law society of Ireland annual conference

“I think we can be very happy that the conference was a complete success. I have received nothing but positive feedback on all aspects – location, business session, organisation, food and weather” There are also entrepreneurial conference organizers and according to (Rogers Tony 2009) organise conference in the hope to draw a reasonable amount of delegates to the event in order to...
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