The Ottawa Charter and Health Promotion

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Describe the historical significance of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion The Ottawa Charter first came into existence at the First International Health Promotion Conference in Ottawa, Canada 21 November 1986. Here, a never before charter of such reputed importance was forged that not only promoted health, but also implemented various strategies that an individual, group or community could adhere to in order to achieve a healthy overall well-being by the year 2000. The context in which the Ottawa Charter was created is of great significance. Essentially, the Charter was forged during the age of technology i.e. televisions/telephones etc. This enabled the Charter to broadcast Health Promotion on an international scale and thus enabled the easy access of information to the general public. Fundamentally, the Charter was forged in order to address the growing health concerns that had emerged in the twentieth century -most prominently AIDS and obesity. Such rises in illnesses, both mentally, physically and spiritually have been revered as catalysts which prompted for the genesis of the Charter. Essentially, the Charters main motive was to respond to the increasing expectations for a contemporary health movement around the world. In lieu of this, five main initiatives were created. These include; developing personal skills, creating supportive environments, strengthening community actions, re-orienting health services and building public healthy policy. Various health promotion strategies that have proliferated primarily because of the charter include; Closing the Gap, National Chronic Disease Strategy 2005 and Aged Care Access Initiative. In achieving a better state of health, the prerequisites of health that have been established include; to advocate, enable and mediate. The historical significance of such strategies and implementations is of undisputed value as it is in essence a reflection of growing public sentiment regarding the importance and the need of health promotion.

Explain how health promotion based on the action areas of the Ottawa Charter can contribute to the positive health outcomes to young people, using examples.
Health promotion is greatly influenced by the action areas of the Ottawa Charter in achieving positive healthy outcomes to young people. The five action areas of the Ottawa Charter are; Developing Personal Skills, Creating Supportive Environments, strengthening community action, reorienting health services and building healthy public policy.

The action area of developing personal skills in order to achieve positive health outcomes in young people is of great significance. The aim of this outcome is to primarily educate the individual- this being to provide information on health in order to improve skills and most importantly decision-making. Developing personal skills is the driving impetus that empowers an individual to take control of their health and dictate their actions to achieve positive health outcomes. The importance of educating young people and empowering them to maintain a healthy overall being, is that by the time they reach adulthood, these beliefs and practices will still be maintained and will continue to be practiced in further generations. This is a catalyst that contributes to the change in public sentiment and the re-institutionalisation of the importance of positive health outcomes. A key instance of helping a young person to develop personal skills is through education. Such education about health is most prominently completed at school. In a PDHPE class for example, a young person is undoubtedly being taught about sexual health. Through the education that is being given, there is undoubtedly to be a reduction in the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unwanted sex and unwanted pregnancies. However, without this instrumental form of education, a young person is left powerless and may be subject to various diseases, being taken...

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