The Oak and the Elm Tree

Topics: Oak, Elm, Deciduous Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: September 25, 2008
The Oak and the Elm Tree
Nature and the outdoor world that surrounds us can be amazing and awe-inspiring, a thing that anyone and everyone can and should enjoy. The biggest and oldest living things on Earth are trees. Trees enter into the lives of us all. Also, they are the source of materials we need for many everyday purposes. Above all, they provide beauty in our outlook on the world.

In the United States there are “about 865 different species of trees,” and “comprise about three and one-half percent of the plant species,” (Reilly 6). Narrowing this vast amount of species down to the most widespread of the broadleaved trees would be the mighty oak and will be compared with the American elm for their beauty.

In nature, the oaks hold their own well in competition with the other trees. The oak is a large tree growing to heights of thirty-five to one hundred feet tall. Their leaves are of the most dramatic in shape, which are described as being pinnately veined and pinnately lobed. Meaning the main vein runs through the leaf to its tip and smaller veins branch out, also having deep wavy outline indentations which extend half way or more to the midrib, giving it a hand-like feature. In contrast, the American elm is also a large tree that grows to a height of forty to ninety feet tall and has a simple, short oval shaped leaf that is saw-toothed and lopsided at the base. The trunk of both trees is described as being similar in most ways, thick and covered with furrowed gray bark. The trunks grow lateral with broad branches opening up into a beautiful crown. In time, these dome-headed trees will spread its branches needing a lot of growing space for the canopy. The beauty of the oak tree gives way as it sways in a gentle breeze and flutters its leaves as if waving a happy welcome to anyone who may pass. The elm tree swaying in the same breeze illustrates a simple flat wave.

A tree isn’t just for a season; it is for life. The quality of life...
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