If you could be anything you wanted, what would you be and why?

Topics: Soul, Religion, Mind Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: February 24, 2014
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If you could be anything you wanted, what would you be and why?

It is a truth that every thing in the world has its specific energy and symbolic meaning as well as some things occupy a significant place in human hearts. So, answering the question what I could be having an opportunity to change the appearance and material body, I would become a tree. There are many reasons for such a choice, and explaining these reasons I would like to dwell on some of them with many details. First of all, it is a well-known fact that each nation had its sacred tree, and in Islam, the roots of the tree of life and happiness attained the highest of the celestial sphere, and its branches extend above ground and below (Reat, 1975). It was believed that the tree has a soul and has a special, peculiar only to it, sacred mystical power. Ancient people believed that trees possess great wisdom and that a person who is able to feel sense of the soul of the tree can learn a lot from it. Thus, I would like to be a tree of ancient wisdom because people are always looking for it and only wisdom of nature is eternal in spite of everything in the world. The next reason is hidden in the fact that in ancient times, people believed that a man and a tree are similar to communicating vessels. Everything that happens to one affects the other. Therefore, the tree could be a friend, “twin brother” of a man: it “soaks up” and reflects a person’s soul, everything good and bad, and even everything unknown about the man. Thus, I would like to be a tree that can help people to follow a proper way in the life because, being a twin brother to a man it is possible to show the right way to both spiritual and moral development, reflecting a person’s thoughts, ideas and desires as well as showing the development of human soul. Moreover, I would like to be a strong tree with dense top, being a place for the rest for people, and a good home for birds and...

Cited: Reat, N. The Tree Symbol in Islam. Studies in Comparative Religion, vol. 9, no. 3, 1975.
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