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Analysis of Perspective
Driving safe is a responsibility for anyone in a vehicle, and should be the most concern on the minds of the drivers. Many people die every year due to reckless or careless driving. Driving safe is not a choice it is the law, but the law is broken and people suffer the affects of it. Driving drunk and texting while driving is the number one killer while in a vehicle. My perspective before turning sixteen was to drive with out any worries, but now because of the incident with my mother I realize driving safe is the right thing to do. She was a strong independent woman since her early childhood, after her mother’s death she was forced to raise her self. There is nothing she can not do, but now she can hardly move. I saw the pain that was cause by drunk driving, I realize that bad things happen to good people but you can also help prevent them. I do not want the out come of my mother to be the same if I hit someone. I am very lucky to still have my mother today. If I ride with any of my friends I make sure we are safe, I might sound protective but I just want to be safe. During the last few years my mother has progressively got better but the thoughts still remain the same, the constant worry if she will be ok or not. Everyone may not realize how dangerous getting into a vehicle is but after a life changing event they might. I am not wishing that upon any one but some people take life and other people’s lives for granted. They only care about them self and being able to do what they want, no thought of what a long night if drinking could turn into. I am lucky that my mother is still a live; I thank God for her still being here. Hopefully the people of today society can realize the dangers of being on the road. Hopefully they see that no one should take life for granted, and in one second everything can change.

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