The Nogo Railroad

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The NoGo Railroad
I. Problems
A. Macro
1.Union problems need to be addressed at corporate level.
2.Massive changes are needed in personnel policies that can only be accomplished through intensive union and executive sessions. 3.This organization may not survive the needed changes. There may not be time for organization development to be used and the revolutionary method—organization transformation—may be too radical. 4.Changes may not be allowed by management at this time. Change is inevitable and the longer that NoGo waits, the more radical those changes will be. B. Micro

1.Dave Keller is in a no-win situation.
2.The only hope Dave has of making all the needed changes would be to accomplish the needed changes over a long period of time with empowerment and support from top management. 3.In the short term, Dave can attempt to gain employee support. Because the union is so strong, it is doubtful that he can obtain much support.

II. Causes
1.Union stronghold.
2.Company has been reacting to changes instead of proactively forecasting changes. 3.Management is not cohesive; they do not share information, support, or resources with employers and lower-level managers.

III. Systems affected
1.Structural – job descriptions and the formal structure are very rigid, largely because of years of practice. 2.Psychosocial – Dave is very unsure of the security of his position and suspects he is being set up. Other employees, including some in management, want to preserve the status quo. 3.Technical – the technology has change through the years but the organization has failed to recognize the change. As evidence is the archaic job titles (fireman) and job descriptions. 4.Managerial – virtually no support from management for Dave to make changes. Management seems to be as much of the problem as unionized employees. Everyone seems to want to protect his or her turf. 5.Goals and values – though “status quo” is actually not a value, it never-the-less...
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