Southern Discomport

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Southern Discomport
Jim Malesckowski, the president of the Wisconsin Specialty Products Division of Lamprey Inc., the Oconomo plant is established and operated since 1921. It’s has been the workplace of about 520 employees in the town of 9000 people. But problem came out, Jack Ripon who was his boss and chief executive officer wanted him to shut down the Oconomo plant because of the high – cost labor. Question 1

Jack Ripon the chief executive officer of the Oconomo plant who concerned about the high operational cost, he wanted to cut down the operational cost to keep the profit for the company and planned to establish another plant where the operational cost could be cut down in Mexico. Jack let Jim Maleschowski to go down to the Mexico to find out the operational cost of the establishing a new plant there and submit the report to him. Question 2

The primary type of change needed is to change culture and people. In this case, the organization should be changed in different place, the culture change pertain to the organization as a whole, new behaviors and skills would be guiding people in the new workplace. And the people might be changed because that would be a problem for some of them to move to a new place. Wisconsin might be saved because first thing they could get the operational cost cut down and kept the company operating, but they had to face so many new challenges. All what they needed to do was reduce costs in order to maintain reasonable prices and find out the most suitable organizational change for the company and the company could get to be saved. Question 3

The lack of understanding and trust and uncertainty are the major causes of the union leaders’ resistance to change. If I were Jim Maleschowski, I could use the participation tactic, which involves users and potential resisters in designing the change. I could use the coercion tactic to force employees to change when needed. And also I needed the top management support to do innovation....
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