The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency: Mma Ramotswe

Topics: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, English-language films, Africa Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: January 21, 2013

The story is about a female detective trying to solve mystery and crimes. Her name is Precious Ramotswe and she grew up in a little village in Botswana. She was raised by her father, a proud African man who taught her everything he knew, like what it means to be a good person and loving your country. As she grew up to become a kind and caring person, her father got really sick and passed away. After that, she decided to sell the animals her father had left behind so she could move to the city and start a business. She opened a ladies detective agency with only one secretary and an old type writer. At first, the business didn’t go well but, after a while the customers came one by one. Her first customer was Happy Bapetsi, a young women who wanted to know the about a man claiming to be her biological father. Happy wanted Mma Ramotswe to find out the truth about this man, was he really her father or was he an imposter. The story about Mma Ramotswe brings up a lot of everyday experiences such as happiness, jealousy, but also about a serious crime that is committed in several countries in Africa. This story also tells us about young children getting kidnapped and killed for their bones. Their bones are used to make medicine and are desired by people who believe in black magic. It’s a well written book with a lot of different characters and personalities. The great thing about this book’s author is that manages you to feel closeness to the main characters. You also get a sense of Mma Ramotswe’s compaction for her people, her love for the country and her respect to their traditions.
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