Johnny Tremain Essay

Topics: Johnny Tremain, Training, Paper Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: February 19, 2002
By:Ivan Tarnawsky
This book starts in the pre-revolutionary time. At the beginning of the book, Johnny Tremain, is working as an apprentice to Mr. Lapham. Mr. Lapham is a blacksmith. Johnny's parents died in a fire several years before, and this is why he lived with the Laphams. He worked there with enthusiasm for several years until he hurt his arm, scolding it in hot metal. After the accident, Mr. Lapham told Johnny that he needs to find a different profession, but he can stay with the laphams.

Johnny, after a lot of searching, finally finds a job delivering papers. While delivering papers he meets Rab, who works with him. Rab introduces him to the rebel underground. At that point Johnny agrees to deliver messages between the groups of rebels.

This book is a very interesting read, if you have some self discipline. I mean that you need some self discipline because this book didn't really captivate me in the sense that I couldn't put it down. But after reading it for a while, I started to appreciate the author's way of describing the characters and actions in this book.

There are several things that I like about this book. First off, I love historical fiction, and this is the genre of this book. Also, despite the author being too descriptive, the book went at a steady pace. For me, pace usually determines whether I will read the book or not, and I never really hesitated, or thought about changing books.

This book was interesting to me, but I think that anyone older than I would find this book a slight bit easy, despite the fact that the author, Ester Forbes does use old English words that are no longer used. So I would recommend this book for anyone between the ages of 12-14, and strongly recommend it at that.

Despite the book being well written, there are several parts that I would re-write; here I will describe two of them.

The first one is when Johnny hurts his hand by pouring hot metal on it. If I were the author,...
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