The Nightmare

Topics: 2006 albums, School, Bus transport Pages: 2 (887 words) Published: January 5, 2015
It was a cold rainy day. Droplets of water trickled down the foggy window, and I knew immediately that it was gently drizzling outside. As I was slowly extricating myself from bed that morning, I wondered, how did I wake up? I never woke up in the morning by myself. Usually, I would only arise from my lazy slumber after hearing my mother’s “morning call”. Those thoughts left me and I continued on my routine. As usual, I went into the bathroom to bathe, brush my teeth and after that, put on my school uniform. When I was ready to have my breakfast, I shot a quick glance at the clock on the wall. It screamed 7.00 a.m.! Late! I am late to school! I ran out of my room frantically in search of my mother as she prepares my breakfast every morning. Something was just not right, and I could not ignore this sinister feeling that I was having. Where was my mother? She did not inform me anything yesterday and she did not even leave me a note. Now, that was weird. My mother is not the kind of person who forgets things. “Well, maybe something came up and she is solving it,” I thought. As I was obviously rushing for time, I quickly grabbed two slices of bread from the dining table and stuffed them in my mouth. Gobbling the dry bread down my throat was choky, but I did not have a choice. After a few gulps of mineral water, I hastened and raced to the bus stop. It did not take long to catch a bus. I was lucky that there was even one to catch! It was another eerie experience in the bus. The bus driver glared at me with pure menace. Things were feeling weirder as my friends who were in the same bus deliberately ignored me when I called them. Whatever the reason, I did not care much. I was practically trying to avoid thinking negatively about everything that happened on that day. And it seemed like I was giving up…. Friends and teachers were not behaving naturally in school. As I walking into the school compound, approaching the canteen, I was given a slap on my back. Worst was...
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