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It was time for me to leave and go to my second day of school. At least Lauren would be there to go with me. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to see Boston or not. More like I wanted him to be there, but I don't want him to talk to me. It was weird but I grabbed my stuff and climbed into Red.

I was happy I remembered to fill out some packets before returning to those classes today. Plus, I promised myself I was going to do better this year. I was so frustrated when the plan didn't work so I decided I would graduate and then leave to find my mom because this was my senior year.

After a short drive to school I walked up to the front office where the secretary looked up at me, "Why were you late?" I looked down at the tardy slip she was writing. "My mom called me in sick; I had a bad fever." She sighed and I gave her the Tylenol I had with me. She said I was suppose to come to her
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He approached looking for a second punch. I shoved him backward so he landed on Quinn. He got up and threw a wide right hook but given he is 2 feet taller I ducked. It soared right over me and I made my right hook connect flat with his nose. He took a step back holding his gushing nose and I'm surprised the teachers hadn't noticed yet. I'm pretty sure I broke his nose. "That's for hitting Lauren, and if you lay a finger on her again you're going to lose it."

He flipped me off and grabbed Quinn by the waist. That had done it for me. I ran and right as I was about to tackle him I felt arms wrap around my waist. "Maya stop." Boston held me back as I fought to get loose. "That bitch did you see what he did to Lauren?!" He kept his voice calm, "No I did not but Maya I'm pretty sure he won't do it again."

I stopped fighting and walked away from him and up to Lauren. I tilted her chin up and examined her nose. It wasn't to bad but she will have a bruise but nothing makeup can't cover. The giant crowd of people disappeared till it was me, Lauren, and Boston

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