Personal Narrative-The Driving School

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With white knuckles, rigid muscles and shallow breaths, I drove down the winding road with its faded lines and crumbling shoulders. My normal, confident and positive self had disintegrated into the scared and doubtful fragment that was left in the driver’s seat. My first time in that seat rattled me like no other experience had.
Penny, my driving instructor, was sitting beside me reminding me to breathe and that I was doing great. As I turned onto the next road, I was relieved to realize we were headed back to Augusta and that we were almost done. I began to settle in while going at a comfortable speed of 50 mph down a straight smooth road. Soon, we entered the hustle and bustle of town and once again the tenseness and panic crept in. I was stopped at the traffic light just before the uneven, dirt driveway of “The Driving School.” The light turned green and I rolled up to the entrance of the driveway with my left blinker on, but a man with a baby stroller was slowly making his way across the parking lot....

This made it very easy for me to become the optimistic, self-confident woman that I am. It has always been fairly easy for me to meet and connect with new people and I had very little trouble with self-esteem. Likewise, I have always loved the stage and never once have experienced stage fright, but that all changed when I was put in the driver’s seat. This experience, along with some others, has changed the way I approach certain situations. For instance, I began my first job at TJMaxx and the first time a customer became upset with me I stayed calm and collected as I explained to them the situation. Luckily, my manager was standing there with me to back me up. For that incident, I knew that there was no way out but to fix it to the best of my ability. Although the customer still left a bit irritated, my manager complimented me on the way I handled the...
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