The Negative Side of Technology

Topics: Electronics, Electronic engineering, Obesity Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: July 22, 2013
For thousands of years, mankind has been inventing devices to improve living conditions. Within the past century, a new type of invention has been introduced called technology. Some people thought that technology was the new solution to better the world. Others thought the idea was flawed and were leery of technical advances. A study taken in 2000 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 48% of home owners had a computer. Another survey taken in 2008 showed a whopping 27% increase in computer owners. Through research, several detrimental effects have occurred because of technology. With all the constant advances in technology, the older models have become inferior and are disposed of. This creates mass amounts of waste which damages the ecosystem by introducing chemicals to nearby habitats. Human interaction has suffered due to texting, emails, and gaming. Electronic devices have allowed people to avoid contact with the outside world and remain physically inactive. Society now depends on technology to do their everyday tasks, but if a network or electricity is temporarily out of service, the electric devices will not function. In addition to technology not being a fully reliable source, there are also threats to computers. Technology has been a privilege and convenience that hackers have abusing by taking advantage of others hard work and privacy. All of these reasons contribute to why technology is a problem in today’s society and should be limited.

Technology is designed to be quick and store mass memory, but on occasions, the electronics require bulky and wasteful components. Older computers were huge; some could fill an entire room. Upgrades are daily; there is always something newer and better. First there was dial up, and then came DSL, cable, and today we have fiber optics. After the out dated technology became incompatible, it was discarded and replaced. But where did the parts end up? As always, they ended up in a land fill. Landfills are not...

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