The Needs and Expectations of Stakeholders

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Name of stakeholder
What the stakeholder wants from the business
How they influence the business and if there influence is successful Rank of importance
Why are they important
They want to company to keep their prices low and have a good customer relation with each customer, they also want good quality products to be sold at low prices They influence the business as the customers decide what they sell and if Tesco make money or not because the customers could easily decide to change shops. 1

Customers are important because they are needed for the business to succeed and sell their products and without them they would not exist Employees
They want to be paid a fair amount for the work that they do as well as a good working conditions. They also want Tesco to do well and expand as it means that they will keep their job and have steady pay as well as more opportunities to get promotion Employees influence the business as they are the workforce and help run the business, this means they have a big say on what happens to the business to the business in the future and if they strike then they are to halt sales for Tesco meaning no profits 3

Employees are important as they are needed to run the business and without them there is no business Shareholder
They want the business to thrive as they are interested in making profits. They want profits to go up as then share prices go up and they receive a higher dividend They influence the business as they own a part of the business meaning they get a say in what happens. They will control what the business does in the future and the person/people with the highest per cent in the business own the business 2

These people are important as they are the people that fund the business and without them they would grow much slower Suppliers
They want to make sure that Tesco thrive and expand as it will then mean that Tesco will buy more products from them meaning more profits for the supplier company They...
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