The Need of Document Management Systems and Software in the University of Edinburgh

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Project Proposal Document

1. Document Management
Sponsor : MIS

2. Background
Over the past year a project has been run to conduct a feasibility study and produce a business case for the need and use of document management systems and software within the Estates and Finance departments of the University of Edinburgh. 3 companies were invited to submit costings for a pilot system but these turned out to be too expensive and so were not progressed.

However it was clear that a document management system, including workflow could provide benefits to numerous departments within the University albeit that different departments had different requirements. Three departments, Finance, Estates and Buildings and Planning have submitted proposals for a document management system within their areas as part of this planning cycle. In order to allow these proposals to progress MIS will identify, purchase and assess document management software that allows storage, retrieval and management of documents and use this as a basis to build from as opposed to trying to identify and implement a system to meet every requirement.

3. Objectives
The aim of this project is to identify, purchase and assess software to allow the storage, retrieval and management of documents regardless of source.

4. Benefit statement
Document Management systems can provide significant corporate benefits: • Ease of access to information
• Prevention of loss of information
• Security of information
• Version control
• Reduced storage costs
• Reduced handling costs

5. Scope
To identify and assess software to enable project documentation to be effectively and efficiently managed.

6. Deliverables
Electronically based document management system.

7. Assumptions and constraints

8. Estimates

9. Cost

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