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The Mystery

By niamhcullies01 Sep 11, 2013 556 Words
The Mystery
It was Halloween night and I was throwing a Halloween party. My two friends Ella and Rachel were staying the night. I couldn’t wait because we were going to tell scary stories. Rachel started she told the story of the hand. Ella sat a thought for a minute when it hit her the story of the girl that got murdered a hundred years ago. She told us we would have to go to the grave yard to make it fun. We arrived at the grave yard a spent a half hour looking for the grave of Mary Louise. We started to get suspicious were was her grave. We thought for a second maybe she was not killed. We started to investigate first by going to her rich fiancés Henrys grave. We decided that it was getting creepy so we went back to my house to get some sleep. I dreampt the whole night long of where her grave was. As the sun came up to break the shadows of the night we rose form our slomber for a new adventure. I decided the best place to go was the haunted house on the top of the hill the home to Mary Louise. The door crept as Ella slipped through the little gap in the old door. The first place we went to was Mary Louise`s bedroom where we found the diary to this beautiful girl the first page of the diary read 12/03/1913 Dear diary I like Henry but I love Francis Ward we have been secretly dating but I am afraid that Mother and Father might find out. Love your friend Mary Louise xxxxxx. We looked for her last diary entry but it was ripped in half so I decided that most of her belongs were lying around and sticking out of one of her many vintage dresses was an address to a trailer park. Aha thought Rachel we solved the mystery of the death of Mary. I wouldn’t be so sure mumbled Ella. We better cheek it out maybe there might be more clues to the sudden death of Mary. It took us two hours to find the trailer park. We peered through the window of the address shown of the tattered old piece of paper. There was nothing in the caravan except a family portrair that looked like Mary Louise standing in the back hold a baby boy. We must go in to investigate. We walked through the door to find one of Mary Louise`s old vintage dresses lying on the ground. We searched around until Ella came to the other half of the last diary entry we cheered as we took it out of the dress pocket. We ran back to the old house to try put the last diary entry together the diary read 12/12/1940 dear diary I have decided that I wouldn’t marry Henry instead I will run away I live happy ever after with Francis and not tell mother or farther lots of love your friend. It was the date Mary Louise was murdered we could not belive our eyes we solved it Marys mother told a lie to cover up that her daughter ran away with a traveller. We were so happy we solved the crime of the missing Mary Louise.

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