The Mousetrap: William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Comparison to Almereyda’s Film of Hamlet

Topics: Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Actor Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: July 9, 2013
The appearance of Hamlet’s production, The Mousetrap, has various similarities and differences in Almereyda’s film of Hamlet in comparison to William Shakespeare’s play. The source of the differences are mainly tied to the adaptions to modernization of the film that were not possible in the production of the play. Hamlets role as a director in Almereyda’s film is slightly different than the one William Shakespeare portrays in his play. The adaption to modern times allows for Hamlet to present his production in a film rather than a play. Presentation in this manor puts Hamlet in more control as a director to relay the message he is trying to send. In the play he has to direct the cast to behave in a specific manor to relay his message just right. He tells them to talk musically and smoothly, use minimal had gestures and keep their emotions moderate and smooth. In Almereyda’s film the director Hamlet is able to piece together the exact pictures he wants use to relay his message to his uncle, Claudius. This allows the film to be much more graphic and detailed for is audience unlike the play he was trying to produce. Also, because everything is captured on film there are filming techniques used to emphasis important sense and better music to capture the moment.

During the presentation of The Mousetrap in Shakespeare’s play, Claudius interacts with Hamlet, gaining information about the play. Claudius asks questions such as the name of the play and the plot. This allows Hamlet to be sarcastic and witty in his answers, acting like Claudius couldn’t relate to the horrible things that were taking place. In Almereyda’s film there is no conversation between Claudius and Hamlet about the play, Hamlet only watches his uncle for reactions and makes minor conversation with Ophelia.

In Hamlet’s film we don’t know that it is a man killing his brother like we do in the play. We merely see the actions that are going on, but we don’t know who the characters are that...
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