the moment

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Tim Bourke
Javed khan
English 101
The Moment
As I was floating in the ocean with my eyes closed a feeling of tranquility came over me. The sun was shining on full power of brightness with a bluest sky on the background. I felt the sun’s rays permeating the skin on my face and it was getting burnt like toast in the oven. The cold water was constantly tickling the burnt inside of my ears. The rest of my body was under the water and I felt like I was dissolving in the ocean becoming one with all around me. My face was getting hotter because it was captured by luminous monster. The waves were washing my incandescent skin like they wash out traces on the sand. I felt like the ocean knew me better than I knew myself. I couldn’t plan a more perfect, overwhelming feeling. The strong movements of the waves, floating my body with its motion like the wind catches a leaf and blowing it back and forth, made me feel so little and weak. I listened to the duet of wind and waves like a sweet lullaby being sung by a loveling mother to sooth her baby to sleep. I felt safe in Mother Nature’s arms, a peaceful timeless moment only to be enjoyed spontaneously. As I opened my eyes it was over, the moment was gone. All I could think of was how beautiful everything was around me, telling its own story.

What kind of music I like
Every person has their own definition of music. For most people music plays a big role in their lives and some of them can’t even live without it. I consider myself to the second group. I can’t live without music because it inspires me, it makes me think, and it might sound funny to you but it gives me motivation and strength especially when I exercise. I like different kinds of music, but my favorite is “trance” music. This music can affect you in different ways. You can relax while you listen to trance or you can have a lot of energy from it. Usually I go for a night jog around the park while listening to this music. The deejay that makes...
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