point of view essay

Topics: Tuttle Creek Lake, Riley County, Kansas, Pottawatomie County, Kansas Pages: 2 (1115 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Name : Hai Yu Tuttle Creek Lake
After dinner I drove to Tuttle Creek Lake. When I reached here, I walked on a flat road. The road ahead was hazy and sides grew tall and dense trees and lush grass, put on a little bit of green energy for the night. There was some insects chirp in the grass, which brought a little life for the night. The hung moon in the sky is so dim and the night seemed so lonely. When I walked in the secluded path, suddenly a kind of moist and fresh breath broke through in and the breath became stronger. Then I realized that the breath was from Tuttle Creek Lake. At this time, a gust of wind blew on my face and I felt I seemed to be beyond the reality and subject to any bondage no longer. I sat on a rock nearby the lake and watched Tuttle Creek Lake. Under the deep gray sky, Tuttle Creek Lake was so tolerance and endless. It looked like a big mirror in calm on the lake formed a small sky and even hold the hazy moon in the sky. But this time this moon was not hazy, it showed bright light. The calm lake covered with silvery white armor and looked like it was ready to fight. The wind blow more fierce, the lake was no longer calm under the deep gray sky and it seemed erupt. The calm lake started to flush the ripples and the bright mirror was full of cracks, finally the mirror was broken. The lake waves became layer upon layer and impacted on the rocks. At this time I sat nearby the lake, the broken waves fell on my feet. When I stood on the coast and faced the vast lake, I felt I became so small. At this time, the boredom in my heart had been taken away into the lake with the waves. The wind was still blowing, the lake under the moon accepted my unhappiness and I felt better and more comfortable. I used my finger to touch the water and tasted it. It was bitter and salty. I found the color of the lake became dirty. It mixed some soil and the color became brown. I can not see the...
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