The Military Drawdown

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The Military Drawdown is a terrible idea. This action will not improve our economy. Soldiers will be negatively affected by this move. The job market is not prepared to embrace the influx of veterans who must now find a new career. I believe the military will lose experience and knowledge from the soldiers that will be displaced from the military. What about the effect on soldiers who have spent most of their adult life in the military and it is all they know? So, focusing on the positive. America is about to be handed a gift. All of these soldiers will be leaving the armed services with experience, training, and many of them with advanced degrees. With America having current worker shortages in the United States, many of the challenges of finding workers is that we can't find enough qualified candidates to fill those jobs. Although we will only get 165,000 of these military troops over the next three years, they will be a hot commodity. They will bring a fresh perspective to workplaces that have lost certain elements to succeed. However what about those soldiers who can’t find a niche or place to fit their needs. The transition from soldier to civilian is not an easy one. I recently just made that trip and I must admit that I feel lost sometime. I felt the comfort of a steady paycheck, free healthcare, and a kinship with my fellow soldiers. Adjusting to the everyday life of a civilian with new rules and standards was very difficult. On the negative side, the US military is going to lose a lot of experience and knowledge. Because the early retirement offer is going to be given to everyone, there are many seasoned veterans that have a lot of career ahead of them that are opting out of the military. This places some challenges on our National Security and readiness, depending on how many of these soldiers get out. There are a...
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