The Media and Its Responsibilities

Topics: Ethics, Mass media, Sociology Pages: 11 (1689 words) Published: January 23, 2012
The constitution gives us the freedom of speech in our country. However, we must

keep in mind that exercising these liberties includes duties and responsibilities. The

media is an integral part of everyday life and has become a leading player and influence of

our society and it have an outcome on our nations’ future, viewpoint, and the globe’s view of

us. The media are responsible for mainstream America ideals and the familiarity of the

image based on the impact from the media. The media are fundamental of social influence

and political decisions.

The media have turned the average person on reality television into an international

star. Sensationalism is in newspapers, on televisions, in magazines, or just a click away

on the internet. The media landscape is on the horizon. Commercial and advertisement

entice Americans to create financial debt and can influence a poor diet all due to the

media. Ratings manipulate the information to such a high level it converts into

entertainment. Media is largely funded by advertising.

Media have the responsibility to give readers, viewers and listeners accuracy and

accountable. Media should uphold fairness and meticulousness. Media has built into for the

most part crucial aspect of our era, influencing every citizen. I will discuss the unease

relating to media responsibility today, but I will also challenge to depict the importance

of the responsibility. A utilitarian purpose can be proficient only through an endeavor to

added diverse ethical standards established by the social order improve our society.

The media are what we read, listen to and watch; the foremost impact is psychological,

intellectual and share commercial implications. Many media outlets cater to the business sector,

as they must gain a profit. The Media and entertainment industry forms public opinion and

the terms of public debate. Comparable, through its partnerships with advertisers, the media

also, exerts a powerful influence on the decisions we make, the products we buy, and the variety

of analysis, we ask when we make our daily preference.

In financial partnership with advertisers, the media also put forth buying influences

which drives our nation economically, public opinion which affect the decisions we make,

and the products we purchase alters the trends. The media are what we read, listen to and

watch; the psychological impact funneled by the media which forms public debate.

Unrelenting media coverage fed the fascination with both court cases. Media has a

moral ethical responsibility to tell the truth, unbiased and remain balanced. Each of us has a

responsibility to challenge and demand what we expect from the media on the subject of

an unbiased account of issues and politics.

The media have become a control center in the political arena. The clout is the power

to the political decision of the people. The political system, have an immense influence on

politics and on forming social transformation. Television along with social media can to the

highest degree of influence the election of a national runner on the basis of image. Today,

individuals who despise the media must use the media to assist them to forerunners ahead in the



The Internet assists social equality by giving a voice to every citizen in every home and

every workplace. Social media certainly plays a pivotal role in bringing media scraps and

video goes viral world-wide creating national and international interest. Many celebrities

personal lives are in the mainstay of modern times and the media. Misbehavior is

constantly displayed in public view and it’s become the signs of the times and is not going

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