The Magic of Thinking Big

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This wonderful book authored by Dr. David Schwartz reveals the secrets of SUCCESS. The SUCCESS for which we strive all our life only to find that at times that harder we try to achieve our goal…the more difficult it gets.

In this world where only the toughest survive and flourish, we need a weapon to rise out of ashes, to fulfill our deepest of desires, our wildest of the dreams…we need a weapon to fight against the odd circumstances…against our disabilities….against our weakness. We need a weapon to reach our destination…our GOAL in LIFE.

Our LIFE is too short to learn everything by our mistakes. Somewhere deep in our hearts we all have a strong wish to become SUCCESSFUL…to achieve our GOALS in LIFE. To fulfill our dreams and live the LIFE the way we always wanted to LIVE….HAPPILY.

We need this book to learn the SECRETS OF SUCCESS….To become successful the fastest possible way…to fulfill our deepest desires which till now we were either suppressing or unable to achieve due to negative forces which have been constantly working against us and pulling us down.

This book is a POWERFUL WEAPON which will help you realize your dreams and reach the pinnacle of our potential and achieve everything that you always wanted in LIFE.


This book takes you through 13 lessons…THE LESSONS OF LIFE. Each lesson is complete in itself. Sincere implementation of even a single lesson will bring you positive results. Read each lesson again and again. Each time you will gain something new from the reading.

So get ready to change yourself…because YOU and ONLY YOU can change your own self...Change yourself for your betterment. Change yourself you the FUTURE. Your FUTURE will be BRIGHT, SUCCESSFUL and the way you ALWAYS wanted it to be.

This book will plant the seed of SUCCESS and will bring you NEVER ENDING HAPPINESS.

Read this book as your HOLY book and march towards SUCCESS.

So get ready to digest and assimilate the SUCCESS principles:

1.Believe You Can Succeed and You Will
2.Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease
3.Build Confidence and Destroy Fear
4.How to Think Big
5.How to Think and Dream Creatively
6.You Are What You Think You Are
7.Manage Your Environment: Go First Class
8.Make Your Attitude Your Allies
9.Think Right Toward People
10.Get the Action Habit
11.How to Turn Defeat Into Victory
12.Use Goals to Help You Grow
13.How to Think Like a Leader

Believe You Can Succeed and You Will

What is SUCCESS? Success means different things to different people.

SUCCESS means personal prosperity, prestige, recognition and status in society, leadership in business and social groups, fat pay cheques , comfort, luxury social and financial security.

Everybody wants BEST out of LIFE

What is that which will make us SUCCESSFUL?
Do you have to be smarter?
Do you have to work hard?
Do you need to have better opportunities?
Do you need to have better education?
Do you need to have better health?
Do you need to have good luck?

If this would have been the case, then everybody who is smarter, hard worker, highly educated, healthy, lucky…would have been successful. And suppose if we do not have any of these qualities, would be UNSUCCESSFUL.

Then the answer is big NO.

To be SUCCESSFUL in what ever we want…we need to have one thing: BELIEF


“Faith can move mountains” said the Bible. Have FAITH…BELIEF, INTENSE BELIEF that you can succeed.

But we cannot make anything happen just by thinking about it…That will become WISHING. Wishing something will not accomplish your goals. Wishful thinking is just a waste… It is just fantasizing. To be SUCCESSFUL we have to INTENSLY BELIEVE that we can SUCCEED.

BELIEVING is like telling your-self that “I’m WINNING”. It is the “I CAN DO IT” attitude. When you believe I-can-do-it, the...
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