The Long Haul

Topics: Rosa Parks, Highlander Research and Education Center, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 4 (1633 words) Published: November 2, 2011
The author, Myles Horton, does a very well job by giving his readers a vision image of what went on in his life. The author took a lot of short person stories and made them into a very powerful book that opened many people’s eyes. Mr. Horton did not see himself has a leader, he merely saw himself as an educator. He believed all people should understand things for themselves based on their experiences and knowledge. He wanted to show why he Highlander and for who he started it for. The short stories allowed the reader to get inside of Myles Horton’s mind and see what exactly he was thinking. The Long Haul can be described as book used to inspire people who are down and need help getting up to feet. Short Story

I short I choose was called. It talked about how his grandfather could not read but still could do many things. My grandfather was the way. He could not read, but he was the most sought out person for construction in his time. My grandfather could do many things just like his. This short story really spoke to me because not many people in my family have an education over high school and none have a college degree. My grandfather, just like his, could do many things that other people could not do. I know whenever people wanted a house built they would call my grandfather asking him could he do it. My grandfather also knew a lot about cars. Cars were his passion and if someone need their car fixed or worked on they would call him because they knew he could do they best job around town. Although he knew things would have been better for him if he would have finish high school he does not regret his life. My grandfather being the start of a bad trail that I do not want to go down, I am trying to break it. So reading his short story have me a since of hope that I can become something better. Although my grandfather is passed he still lives on very much with the family and what he taught everyone still is ours heads and we are reminded of it every...
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