The Soul Scarf

Topics: Family, Future, Time Pages: 2 (953 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The Soul Scarf
It was a black-white scarf, and there were some blood-spots on it, but my grandfather still used it and preserved like a valuable object. I did not see my grandfather wear it always, but it always appeared on his neck when he had a meetings or important events. Every time I visited my grandfather, I saw him sit by himself in front of his house and looked at the scarf sadly. So, I once asked him about the scarf and its significance, but I just got the answer from my father later. My father told me a true story of him and his comrades; how the scarf became our heirloom. Three generations of my family had participated in the war between Vietnam and France, and received many medals. The scarf was a historical witness and it passed from my great grandfather to my grandfather. My great grandfather had been a soldier in the war between Vietnam and France. Every soldier was given a scarf by the Communist Party when they joined the military. The scarf followed my great grandfather during the period of time he had attended the military. The scarf passed by my great grandfather to my grandfather. He preserved it very carefully, and he hoped that the scarf can be passed to future generations forever and ever. Everybody in my family had not known the story of the scarf; they did not even know the significance of it with my grandfather. They all more than one time bought a new scarf for my grandfather, and they also more than one time argued about the scarf. Finally, my grandfather told my aunts and uncles about the scarf. The scarf does not have any material value; however it has an extremely sacred significance to my grandfather. There was the blood of my great grandfather and the other soldiers on the scarf. He wanted to keep the scarf to remind him about how hard my great grandfather and his comrades struggled to protect the country. My story was inspired by “Everyday Use” because my grandfather also raised my aunt and other five children. I remembered...
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