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A Hard Time
Literary Essay On The Story “Eleven”

By Ivan Chen 4-209

A Hard Time
Ivan Chen
Class 4-209

“Eleven” was an interesting memoir written by the author Sandra Cisneros. It is basicially about Rachel (main character) when it was her eleventh birthday she didn’t even feel eleven. Sometimes she felt like 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, or even 3 years old. In school, she was told to keep a red sweater left over for months that wasn’t hers at all. She was in trouble during class when she didn’t put on the sweater that wasn’t hers. Many times growing up in life is hard and tough and sometimes you don’t expect to know.
As the story explains how you couldn’t feel eleven , on that day it was Rachel’s eleventh birthday. She didn’t feel a bit eleven, all she felt is “like the next ordinary day”. She didn’t feel right the story clearly described. So as you you grow up it is very hard to get use to stuff, it also is tough because it’s pressure can make you feel challenged. Many times you can’t feel your age and act it the way it suppose to be. Sometimes you might just feel 5 when you need to sit in your mother’s lap, or sometimes even 3 when you shed a tear (cry ). You can’t always be like that, meaning you don’t supposedly be the same all the time. For example in the story Mrs Price gives or puts the red sweater on Rachel’s desk, she knows the sweater is not hers, so she reacts differently than her age eleven. You can’t always feel your age or eleven, not only feel but act. This proves that she is trying to be and act eleven, but acting or even just trying to be eleven or your age is just tough which mentions that growing up is hard and tough.

In the story , a girl named Sylvia Saldivar said the red sweater belongs to Rachel. Deep inside Rachel’s heart, Rachel knew the old red sweater wasn’t hers or even if she owned it she wouldn’t admit it was hers. This is evidence to support my thesis...
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