The Little Things in Life

Topics: Hearing, Ear, Sense Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Spring flowers
Fall leaves.
Crunch of gravel under feet
Printed paper towels.
a random baby in the store that smiles at you
the outfit that makes you feel invincible.
Hearing your favorite song on the radio
Feeling the electricity in the air just before a thunderstorm Hands free bathrooms
Finishing a really intense workout.
When someone who borrows your pen or pencil actually gives it back AIRBORN HUGS!
When its sunny and raining at the same time
Putting your ear to someones stomach and listening to all the gurgles Listening to someones heartbeat.
Drinking straight from the hose
Drying off in the sun after swimming
When you hit the point in a book when you cant stop reading
When the mug in the microwave ends with the handle facing you Inventing new words or phrases with your friends that only make sense to you Changing into comfy discusting clothes after a long hard day When the bass kicks in at a dance

Having the good kind of butterflies
The smell of campfire on clothes after you return from a trip. Or even just the smell of campfire.
Getting your makeup completely perfect
Rocking out in the car to an awesome song
Getting a good locker
Chef Snacks. Nuff said
Getting the perfect bag of popcorn at the movies
Making a baby laugh,
Successfully navigating your house in the pitch darkness
Finding a song you could never figure out the name to
Making it to a tissue before you sneeze
Twisting off the lid to a jar no one else could twist
Smelling a clean baby
Wearing a boyfriends sweatshirt and smelling them all day
First snowfall of the season
Wearing your favorite underwear and no one knowing it
Laughing till you cry
Sleeping on a trampoline at night.
Finding shapes in the clouds.
Watching the stars.
Getting nail polish to dry without smudging it
Staying in pajamas all day
The outfit that makes you feel invincible
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