The Life of Joy Cowley

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Joy Cowley was a phenomenal author, she has written multiple children books, adult fiction and non- fiction, besides her major impacts in literature she comes from a very interesting back round. Joy Cowley was born on August, 7, 1936, in Levin New Zealand. She was the eldest of four girls and one boy. Her parents Peter Summers and Cassie Gredge were both physically ill while joy was growing up, the condition of both their health caused the family to be finically poor. When joy attainted elementary school in her early years she struggled with her academics, she was a poor reader and writer. Since English was her second language it made learning a very difficult experience in her early years. At the age of eleven when she could still barley read, but was able to understand books threw pictures, she became book addicted and also a writing addiction eventually occurred. As time went on, after she finished school her parents sent her to the local pharmacy to work. Joy opposed this idea but she wanted to please her parents. If the choice was up to joy she would have continued into a career of art or journalism, but she wanted to make her parents happy at the time. Joy Started writing a lot while she worked in the pharmacy . At the age of 20, Joy married farmer Ted Cowley. They moved to a dairy farm. They decided to children, they had four children in a 5 year time span. The children’s names were Sharon, Edward, Judith and James. While the kids were growing up joy milked cows, changed diapers, made puppets and play dough and wrote short stories in the evenings. She eventually wrote stories for her son Edward who was a slow reader, the stories eventually made their way to other kids. When joy realized she was an extrodaniry writer she introduced novels to her children’s teachers. They enjoyed them so much; they actually made them into big books they read to their classes. The teachers asked her if she could please work on getting published. When she...
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