The Kite Runner: Analysis of Major Characters

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Section 1: Summary

In this chapter we are going to see that after the rape, Amir and Hassan spend less time together. Baba and Amir take a trip to Jalalabad and they stay at the house of Baba’s cousin. When they finally arrived to BABA’s cousin they got an Afghan tradition dinner and Baba stared talking about the tournament that his son won but Amir wasn’t feel comfortable with that. After dinner, they all lie down to bed in the same room, but Amir couldn’t sleep. He said really loud that Hassan was raped but nobody could hear him in that night he became an insomniac. When Amir and Baba went back home, Hassan asked Amir if he wanted to walked up the hill with him and he agreed but when they were walking no one say a word so Amir decided to go home again. Amir doesn’t play with Hassan anymore and when Hassan asked Amir what he did wrong Amir told him to stop bothering him. One day Amir asked his father when they were going to get new servants and Baba got furious he said they never was going to replace them. One day Amir asked Hassan if wanted to walked to the hill with him and he would read a story for him and Hassan agree so they arrived to a pomegranate tree, and Amir asked Hassan what he would do if he threw a pomegranate at him. Amir begins pelting Hassan with pomegranates and yells at Hassan to hit him back. But Hassan didn’t. He just asked Amir if he was satisfied, and he decided to leave. In that summer of 1976, is Amir‘s birthday he turned thirteen and Baba invited a lot of people to the party. Assef arrived and he is acting nice like if he was a good guy making jokes with Baba. He told Amir that he got a present for him but Amir didn’t want it but Baba was practically forcing him to accept the gift. When Amir opened the gift, it was a biography of Hitler, which he throws away. As Amir sits in the dark, Rahim Khan showed up and started talking with him, sharing that he was almost married once. It was a Hazara girl. He said that his father wouldn’t accept their relationship and his father send the Hazara girl away it was really painful for him while they were talking  the Fireworks began, and they went back to the house and  Amir sees Hassan serving drinks to Assef and Wali.It is clear from this that Ali and Hassan understand everything, but they do not give Amir away, knowing his life would be ruined. Hassan is loyal to the end, and Amir knows he does not deserve it. Ali gives Amir a hard look, and then Amir knows that Hassan had told him the secret, but he is glad that at least Ali knows him for what he is. He is tired of pretending. The one surprise to Amir is his father’s. Baba had begged Ali not to go, even called him a brother. 

Section 2: Main ideas

I think in this chapter we can see the hypocrisy of Amir to Hassan. He talked normally to him like if nothing happened. Unfortunately in this world we are surrounded by hypocrisy, is very difficult to accept it, we can’t do that much because a person that is like that never is going to accept that he or she is hypocrite and that’s Amir case. Fear

Also we can see the fear that Amir feels to Assef in this world no one is supposed to feel that way Fear can take many forms depending on how and who manifest . I have many fears. Some of them are the fear of loneliness but I know a terrible fear that all we have ever had: The fear of being hurt and I think that Amir case because maybe he thought that Assef is going to do the same thing that he did to Hassan.   Section 3 

“When you tell a lie you steal someone’s right to the truth” chap 9 (pg 106)

I think is important because in this book we see that Amir’s life is a lie. He is stealing himself the right to say the truth and the right to have a better life with the people that are around him. In this world a lot people like to live in a world of lies and that’s one of the reasons that we don’t a better world. Sometimes is good to lie because you don’t want to hurt someone....
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