The kite runner

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AssessmentLanguage A: literature guide
Assessment in the Diploma Programme
Assessment outline—SL
Assessment outline: School-supported self-taught students—SL Assessment outline—HL
External assessment
Internal assessment
External assessment

Assessment criteria are used to assess students for all assessment tasks. The assessment criteria are published in this guide.

For paper 1 there are four criteria.

For paper 2 there are five criteria.

For the written assignment there are five criteria.

The descriptors are related to the assessment objectives established for the language A: literature course. Different assessment criteria are provided for the written papers at SL and at HL. The part 1 written assignment has the same criteria at SL and at HL.

The external components contribute 70% to the final assessment at SL and at HL.

Note: All responses, written and oral, must be in the language A of the examination.

Written examination papers

At SL and at HL there are two examination papers that are set and assessed externally. They are designed to allow students to demonstrate their competencies in relation to the language A: literature assessment objectives and to specific parts of the syllabus. Paper 1 is linked to the skill of literary analysis and paper 2 is linked to the works studied in part 3: literary genres. At HL, paper 1 also requires students to demonstrate their competency in writing a literary commentary.

In both examination papers students are expected to support their answers with specific references to literary texts—in paper 1 with references to the unseen passage, and in paper 2 with references to the works studied in part 3. Retelling of the plot or content of a work or extract is not expected in any component of the assessment.

Written assignment

At SL and at HL students are required to complete an assignment of 1,200–1,500 words, with a reflective statement of 300–400 words, based on a work studied in part 1 of the course and assessed externally. Reflection on an interactive oral is part of the assignment and some of the writing is completed during supervised class time.

If the word limit is exceeded, the assessment of the reflective statement will be based on the first 400 words and the assessment of the essay on the first 1,500 words.

Guidance and authenticity

The written assignment submitted for external assessment at SL and at HL must be the student’s own work. However, it is not the intention that students should decide upon a title or topic and be left to work on the task without any further support from the teacher. It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that students are familiar with:

the requirements of the type of work to be assessed
the assessment criteria (students should understand that the work submitted for assessment must address these criteria effectively). Students should be encouraged to initiate discussions with the teacher in order to obtain advice and information during the initial planning of the written assignment. Students must not be penalized for seeking guidance. However, if a student could not have completed the work without substantial support from the teacher, this should be reported at submission as instructed in the Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme.

It is the responsibility of teachers to ensure that all students understand the basic meaning and significance of concepts that relate to academic honesty, especially authenticity and intellectual property. Teachers must ensure that all student work for assessment is prepared according to the requirements and must explain clearly to students that the work must be entirely their own.

As part of the learning process, teachers can give advice to students on a first draft of the task. This advice should be in terms of the way in which the work could be improved, but this first draft must not be annotated or...
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