The Killing Circle: Different Perspectives of People's Feelings

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The Killing Circle: The Different Perspectives on Peoples Feelings
Everyday around the world many terrible, and tragic crimes take place were not everyone is aware of every single crime. Whether it is a robbery, a kidnapping, a murder or even a case of missing books to someone out there it matters, but to others it may not. In the novel, The Killing Circle the author Andrew Pyper shows that when something bad happens it tends to only affect an individual if that person were in that situation, or has a loved one in that current situation compared to society were people would just not care at all. An example this situation in real life would be let’s say a fisher men’s daughter was murdered and as a father he is devastated. Now to that fisher man’s family this is a tragic moment in their lives, knowing that a person that they truly, deeply cared about is now gone forever. Now to society more than half of them may not be aware of this event, or be aware and just not care because those people it may not affect them personally as it would to the fisher men’s family. This novel has a similar event were random murders take place, and the main antagonist Patrick Rush does not care about what is happening in his city and he does not care of what happened to those people that died, until his one and only son is kidnapped by the mysterious Sandman. Andrew Pyper shows that what a person feels when losing someone close to them is completely different for what society or someone not as close may go through and develops this theme by using Patrick Rush’s situation as an example.

To begin, everyone knows when anything big or small happens one way to find out would be probably watching or reading the news. Although the news is a good for giving people information on recent events, it is also something that hurts the hearts of the families of which the news could be about. Andrew Pyper shows that when something happens to someone close to you it is very painful, but to...

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