Ways People Cope with Bad News

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Ways people cope with bad news
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Ways people cope with bad news
After listening to a bad news people react in various different ways and it also depends on the nature of news. Sometimes we watch on TV a large number of people dying in a natural disaster; with the sight of this news, we feel our heart crying. This sort of thing is unbearable to watch. Sometimes we face any accidental death in family or relatives. This sort of news seems unbelievable at first, but ultimately we come to realize the fact of life. Communicating bad news is like a plan which includes how to start, to find out what the person knows; finding out how much the person can bear, how to share information, what response should be given to the feelings of other person. It is very challenging to convey bad information, especially when this involves a life-threatening illness or the death of some near relative. Some people feel improperly prepared or inexperienced, while some have the fear that the news will be upsetting and unfavorably affect the person, family, or any relationship.

Similarly, there are different ways to cope up with the bad news; and it also depends upon the nature of news. Crying is a way to lighten the heart because in the feeling of distress we feel our heart heavy and as we shed tears, our heart begins to lighten. Some people used to shout for the outlet of their misery, some becomes completely quiet; they think that isolation is a better way to heal up, while some people use to make chit chat with friends and this is the best way to cope up and to heal up from the pain of misery.

One thing is also necessary to discuss, which is very common, that patients with any severe or disastrous disease like cancer, may have a negative impact on hearing any bad news, more specifically about the intensity of their own disease. Revealing this sort of news becomes very difficult for their family members. In these...
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