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The Key to Survival and Success

By robertoanton Jun 27, 2013 448 Words
Roberto Anton C. Adap English 1 Paper #1
2013-68808 June 19, 2013


Learning English is extremely important to a person who wants to survive and excel in this world. First of all, English is the universal language. People learn English so that they may convey certain messages, information, or even their innermost feelings to others. Being the current lingua franca, people from different parts of the globe are able to communicate with one another. It is one key to survival. For example when there is an emergency that requires the knowledge of the English language and it is in the matter of life and death, it proves learning English is really necessary. As a tourist it is useful to know English because people worldwide use it. In this case, speaking to someone from the place you’re visiting becomes less stressful because you already have a language, which you both understand. Can you imagine how countries would interact and communicate with each other if they don’t know the English language? Problems between countries without a language they would both understand will not be solved properly and well. Learning English also plays a vital role in the International business industry. If your business is international, you would be more efficient in managing your business if you know the English language well. You would have one step ahead if you know the English language. If you are not an entrepreneur, knowing English will open a vast number of job opportunities around the world. People who know the English language well is needed around the globe. We can see here in the Philippines that a handful of Koreans have migrated here for the purpose of learning English. Being one of the richest countries on Earth, the English language to them is one of the keys to their success. The Koreans recognize the importance of learning English and that is why they strive to know it well. Even in simple things like reading instruction manuals, it is handy to know the English language since not all of the languages are translated in instruction manuals but there is always an English version. When you want to excel in science you must definitely learn English because it is the language of science. We can notice that almost all textbooks about science in written in the English language therefore making it a requirement for those who want to be proficient in science. Looking deeper into this, English serves as the rope that ties everyone together. English, our common language, enables us to truly understand people from different corners of the globe. It’s a common ground for people worldwide.

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