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The Italian Renaissance in Its Historical Background

By anthony8689 May 06, 2011 1006 Words


European History to the 1500

Professor of Medieval History University of Edinburgh

The Italian Renaissance took place in Europe around 1600 AD between Medieval and Early Modern Europe. The word renaissance (Rinascimento in Italian) means “rebirth”, and the era is best known for the renewed interest in the culture of classical antiquity after the period that Renaissance humanists labeled the Dark Ages. The European Renaissance began in Tuscany, and centered in the cities of Florence and Siena. It later had a great impact in Venice, and worked it was up across Italy, and up to Greece which later on the Greek brought together, providing humanist scholars to provide writing about the history of the Renaissance. The Italian Renaissance was a movement which gave the whole entire Europe a change which people started to make their life better for themselves and to restart from new era people started thing on their own and work their way up to make something for them self’s which some people did crafts and which were recognized as individual and unique talents which later on became as a hobby for them to live. Many Italian’s had came up with an idea that learning of the ancients gave impetus to an intellectual movement, humanism, which believed that a person could develop his or her full human potential, which meant liberal arts styles led to adoption of ancient ideas in the fifteenth-century many Italians study humanities evolved into a “civic humanism” which meant that people had came up with their own ideas on living life in that era. One of the important roles that took place during the Renaissance writing ran far and wide to middle class eager to absorb every sort of text, which meant that the printing press had spared widely all over Europe. As individual talent and genius were starting to be recognized by a society hungry for culture artists themselves gained prestige one of these people would be Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) which he was a painter and architect, inventor which had described himself as a creative genius. Denys Hay was known for many of his historical work, as an author he was specialized in Medieval and Renaissance Time. Denys Hay wrote a book “The Italian Renaissance” which covered all throughout Northern and Eastern Europe and he was dinging up all the information and the events that took place during the Renaissance. In 1957 Denys Hay was invited to make an appearance in Cambridge University which he had to write a volume about the Italian Renaissance, he was horned at the Queens University of Belfast and which many people agreed with the subject he was writing. Denys Hay was granted and honored and which gave him motivation into writing these letters into a chapter of his book. Denys Hays made a point in his book “The Italian Renaissance” that his belief was true, but many other historians didn’t agree with his book and many arguments had arose but still Denys Hays had made research that the Renaissance first happened in Italy during the 1300s, he also marked that the Renaissance had made changes during the time, and how people worked and made painting and use the art to show what the Italians had to deal with during the fourteenth and fifteen century. He also wrote in his book that it took century for this change of Renaissance time to take place only the people that lived in the higher state such as Kings and Queens would live it but not the lower state such as the peasants also the literacy. I agree on what the author was stating in his book, I believed that Denys Hay statement was true and how he did all the research about the Italian Renaissance and how much came to be true. His books were mostly about the Renaissance era and he also stated that a lot of history still has not been written. In Denys Hays book “The Italian Renaissance” many historical saw that Denys Hay wrote about the changes that changed humanity such as religion, law making that has been carried out to ninetieth century of law making and etc. His sources were written by Dante, Bruni, and Pettrach, which Deny Hay showed to be proof that much documentation can be found till this day. I believe that Denys Hays brought a lot of information in his books and gave specific details on his book, he gave the reader a lot to think about and to learn if I had to read Deny Hays book for any history class I would sure read his books in which he gave the reader thing to picture when reading to look at what happened century ago and bring it and to relate it to today’s society, he also gave a lot of details and didn’t miss anything on his work, he gave a full 100% in his work which made him a great author and also a great historian in his work. Deny Hay had given a name to the Italian Renaissance because that’s where it originally happened. Deny Hay gave it a rebirth of new information.

Carlo Mauriello
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