the internet has changed the world

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The internet has changed the world
It is clear that over the years, the internet has changed our world. The internet offers easy access to any kind of information. Especially it is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody as it is one of the newest and most forward-looking media and surely “the” medium of the future. Another point in its favor is the comunication. Nowadays, people all over the world do not have to wait too long to know about their friends and family. The emails arrive very quickly and it does not cost anything. However, as every “new thing”, the internet has its bad aspects.
The first thing to take into account is the well known “Cyber- Bullyng”. During the last few years the bullying has progressed so far that has now reached the internet. People do not only suffer from harassment from others in public, now they suffer from it on the internet. In addition to this, the direct comunication has been affected negatively. The problem is that they do not talk to each other personally. Everyone prefers to talk by different ways of chats. That means the future generations would not know how to live in the real world anymore.
Another point to be made is that the internet users can become habitually addicted. People suffering from Internet addiction use the virtual world to as a substitution for real- life human connection.
At last, computers are getting viruses from the Internet. Virus is is a program which disrupts the normal functioning of your computer systems. Computers attached to internet are more prone to virus attacks and they can end up into crashing our hard disk.
Similar to each and every invention, the Internet has a both of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on us, what we choose.

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