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Face 2 Face

Topics: Social network service, Sociology, Communication / Pages: 2 (331 words) / Published: Jul 30th, 2013
Face 2 Face communication

Many people believe that the internet has destroyed the ability to communicate face to face.
Nowadays, there are several popular social networks that many people use to communicate with their friends or their relatives. For example, facebook and twitter are the most popular social networks. Internet was the best invention in the twentieth century which has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition to one of the disadvantages is the end of the ability for face to face communication.

I had a bad experience about this issue. A girl, who was my dormitory friend in university, spent all her time on the internet. She chatted all day and ate in haphazard manners. Internet had started to destroy her communicational ability. First of all, she didn't attend classes and failed all her exams. For this reason, she must retake the year again. She gained weight and her health worsen day by day. She had problems but didn't speak to anyone. When her family became aware of these attitudes, they decided to take her to a psychologist. After three sections with her psychologist, his skills started to change her. After this experience, she spent only one or two hours on the internet everyday. She became socialize. We did many things with other dormitory friends. We went to the cinema, played bowling, and met our friends in the weekends. We had a lot of fun days. Today, we chat on facebook but we still meet monthly and we talk on the telephone bi weekly.

In Conclusion, communication face to face is important. We can use technologies at its advantages but we must be careful of its damages. Internet is one of the technologies that benefit our lives. It provides us all the information on any subject in a very short time. On the other hand, we shouldn't forget about our social activities and personal developments. Although it's benefits we protect ourselves from its harmful effects that unlike effects of communication.

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