The Inequality Between Rich and Poor Nations Is More Wider Than It Has Ever Been Before. What Is Main Causes and What Can Be Done to Reduce That Gap?

Topics: Africa, Poverty, World Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: June 3, 2011
To mankind history and many thousands years’ experience has shown a lot about how to live in harmony and happiness. But we still have yet to make sense of building somewhat equality among countries and nations, groups and races. Here is one more question: can we understand and notice this problem and its causes to much enough degree. If we can, what can be done about it?

When asked, many people and organizations such as the UN show several reasons including history of a particular country, its geographic location and relations with neighboring countries or so. For example, most African countries are thought to be less developed because of hundreds of years of colonialism, lack of a substantial resource-water or because of race problems. These may also be influential causes, but I think one of the most important reasons lies in worldwide political and environmental issues triggered by many dominant countries. For instance, they are “so called” ordering using sun batteries instead of building electric power stations based on heating in African countries, because heating “might” bring more damage to nature. Do they not know that even strongest countries cannot afford to turn into sun batteries altogether? Do they not know thousands of people are dying because of lack of electricity and gas in most African countries? I would count some more very strong causes such as lack of transparency in economical and political actions on main commodities of poor nations, high-price traditional ceremonies which remain a drag on development in poor nations, a lot of baseless wars and others.

To reduce the difference in qualities of life in rich and poor nations and countries, first and foremost, the whole world including its all international organization must give full independence to all poor countries and leave them alone on deciding what to do next. Most dominating countries and international organizations has kept saying “they may start war or destroy the nature of the...
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