The Indolence of Filipinos

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The Indolence of the Filipinos

This is a collection of essays that declares the existence of indolence among the Filipinos. However, he points out that this is not the reason of the country’s backwardness and its citizens’ lack of ambition, thereby encouraging us to see the root cause rather than what seems to be it. Rizal pointed out several factors like, wars, insurrections, expeditions, invasions, corruption in the government, usurpation of the native lands by the friars, limited training and education the propagation of the false teachings of the church and the levying of higher taxes on the natives that triggered Filipinos’ indolence.

The following are the highlights of the work that had great impact on me. First, according to Rizal, Filipinos are not responsible for their misfortunes, as they are not their own masters. We, are all aware that we were enslaved by the Spaniards and by the belief that they are our ways to salvation. Second, that, an illness will worsen if the wrong treatment is given. Third, that all the causes of indolence can be reduced to two factors, the limited training and education Filipino natives receive.

By the statements enumerated above I can confer that it is not mainly that we are indolent in nature that have caused our seemingly, no sense of commitment. There are a lot of things that have triggered us to be one. The many misfortunes that our ancestors have experienced caused the forthcoming generations to be what majority of us are now. Nobody would want to be indolent, however, because we realized that there would be no difference as to working hard to just having an insider or promoter, why choose the difficult when we can take the easier one. Thus, most of us resorted to those many unimaginable things just to remain alive or reach an even higher status. Also, our natives were forbidden with so many things (limited trainings and education), that could’ve helped the forthcoming generations to be better. Thus, no matter

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