A Century Hence

Topics: Philippines, Spain, Filipino people Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Senor Dr. Jose Rizal,
I am honored to have been given the privilege of writing to you. I have just read your work “The Philippines: A Century Hence”, and it has, by all means, astounded me. You see, I am now writing to you as a student of the University of the Philippines – formed from the freedom you so dearly fought for which has now been achieved. Which brings me back to your aforementioned work. A lot of people – myself included - think of it as a prophecy come true.

Reading into your essay, I found out about the different causes of the sufferings of the Filipino people. If what you said is true, then the Spaniards were either making us into people we’re not or just basically driving us into extinction. It must have been the latter although it proved to be too hard so they settled for the former. In your fight for our freedom, we lost a lot along the way – the fire and spirit of the Filipinos, our creativity, and our choice. I’d say they turned us into some living robots, almost no different to the former African slaves, the only difference being only men were forced to work and women and children were kept sort of dormant, doing nothing and locked at home, if ever learning only what is basic, or violated in worst case scenarios or rather commonly if you ask me.

The arrival of the Spaniards, sword and cross in hand, caused the deterioration of the Filipino culture. No longer were we the happy, friendly, thriving, and free people we used to be. We lost confidence in our rich heritage, what we used to be, what we’re supposed to be. We questioned what we had and lost hope of a better future. The so-called enlightenment of the Spanish friars only made us passive, not moving, not caring, only fearing the injustice and wrongful acts of their supposed church.

But then you raised the question of whether or not the Spaniards would be able to prevent the progression of the Philippines and that had me wondering. Was that really what they had in mind? To keep...
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