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He Current State of Philippine Education in the Concept of Globalization

By panzolyn Oct 03, 2011 832 Words
Rodilyn A. Panzo

“The current state of Philippine Education in the concept of globalization”


The saying “Education is the key to success” is utterly agreeable. I believe it is a key to success because education is connected to every factor that elevates the lives of the people. The social and economic condition is linked to the status of education, as well as the general and reproductive health status, population control, crime association, pre-marital sex, mechanical and technological advancement, political development and the overall perspective in life. It is also one of the major aspects in the materialization of globalization. To achieve globalization, human capital is important, and provision of education is one of the essentials in achieving maximum human resource. Here in the Philippines, we want to be globally competitive in order to cope up with the globalizing world. But the question is what the current status of our education? Are we capable of coping with globalization? What are the results of our struggle with globalization?


Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero, used education as a weapon when he wrote the ambitious novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. He used his knowledge, his education, to let the people around the world comprehend the great abuse of the Spanish colonizers to the Filipinos during his time. This is a perfect example on how education can change the lives of an individual, or how it can change the perspectives of the majority of the population. Also, it is a vivid scenario displaying the important role of education in the concept of globalization. How a man who received good education wad able to contribute in the global modernization, modernization in way that he eradicated racial discrimination and promoted equality.

Today, the youth is aspiring to become like him, to become as good as him in their personal ways, but will this be possible if the educational system is insufficient? And what’s worst is that it stays in that condition; stagnant in inadequacy. Will this country be able to again produce people like him, if the foundation of education, which is the primary years, is neglected?

Last (date), Pres. Benigno Aquino Jr. talked about K+2 which is adding 2 years to the primary level of education to ensure that pupils received quality education in their early years. It is a good proposition, a good way to lift the educational status of the country. As a matter of fact, it is already implemented in other Asian countries such as Singapore, China, and evidently, it helped in uplifting their economic status. Once they were struggling countries of the past, but look at them now, obviously triumphant in various aspects such as product manufacturing and distribution, business venture, medical advancement, technological innovation, and many more.

Implementation of K+2 is still a debate here in the Philippines, for like any other proposals, it has its disadvantage. Additional 2 years of education also means additional 2 years of financial investment for the children. It is not a problem for the able parents, but for the besieged ones, it can only exacerbate their great need of finances. But still, the disadvantage does not outweigh the advantages that it may give the masses.

Additional years means more years of learning, prolonged exposure of the children with the different issues of the society will make them socially aware that may eventually lead them to have their own solutions to the problem of society. As a nurse, I suppose that these additional years may pave way on focusing on health care to make them sentient on their health status, the facts, dos and don’ts. I believe it is a tool in maintaining a good health condition, lowering the population problem, decreasing the maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rate, or the occurrence of Sexually Transmitted diseases.


The present condition of the Philippine education is full of challenges and struggles. Poverty is the main problem why many of the promising youth cannot achieve maximum potentials. Honestly, Filipinos are talented and are fast learners, which is why we are in demand for jobs abroad, may it be white collar or blue collar jobs.

The government has insufficient funds to give education for all; however the status of education is not bad after all. The country can still produce citizens who we can be proud of in whatever field it may be.

Admittedly, we all know there is incompetence in terms of the government’s ability to give education for all, but have we ever thought that our education must not depend on the government’s capacity, but on our own ability? That it also depends on our willingness to learn and our own directives to make our lives better through education.

Globalization pushes everyone in this country to strive hard and cope up to the increasing global standards. We are ready, and readiness comes with a responsibility of preparing the future generation for the demands of globalization.

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