The Importance of a Special Educator

Topics: Special education, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Education Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: August 7, 2011

What does it mean to be a Special Educator?
Grand Canyon University
September 1, 2010

What does it mean to be a Special Educator?
What does it mean to be a special educator? This question arises frequently in the world of education. There are many people who ask themselves this question every day. One could say that a special educator is an individual who has special interest and a passion for primarily interacting with children with disabilities. The special educator would also have knowledge of certain disabilities and the way they can influence children differently. Finally, they would want to have an added level of patience, due to the extra attention required to educate children with special needs. First and foremost, in order for a special educator to be successful, he or she must have a personal mission. A personal mission for some people may include what they are passionate about, what skills they want to aquire, or perhaps what they feel their purpose in life is. Compassion, education, and commitment are qualities dedired to teach special need children how to live a fifilling and self sufficient life. A personal mission statement may be the driving force behind further education and continuous training.To achieve this mission, a special educator needs to have knowledge of special need children, and also have a desire to be an advocate for them. This could mean getting a specialized degree or simply continuing to stay aware of current teaching styles. Whether the educator chooses the more formal education route, or a more relaxed form of research; children in their care can only benefit. It is impossible to teach special need children without the knowledge of their disabilities and also many types of teaching strategies. One promising technique used in classrooms today is inclusion. Inclusion classrooms are when special need children are mainstreamed into the regular education...

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