The Importance of Schedule Controlling

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MBS 641 Project Management Assignment 1

The Importance of Schedule Controlling

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Lecturer & Tutor
Mr. Frank Krause
Dr. Lim Yew Ban


1 Introduction1
2 Managing Project Time1
2.1Control Changes2
2.2Observe Performance3
2.3 Follow Up, Follow Up, and Follow Up3
2.4Develop and Implement a Reporting Strategy4
3How Do Scheduling Control Play an Important Role
During Project Development5
1. Influencing the Factors that Create Schedule Changes to Ensure that Changes are Beneficial7
3.2Determining When Schedule is Amended8
3.3Managing the Amended Schedule9

1. Introduction

Every projects aim to reach their goals on schedule without any delays. As a project manager, one main responsibility is to ensure keeping the project as scheduled. This becomes a reason that time management takes an important part as one of the nine areas in the Project Management. Failed to manage it properly, it would not be able to carry on as planned. There are many aspects to be concerned in the time management, such as; define activities, add sequences in all activities, estimate activity resources, estimate activity duration, develop schedule and control schedule. All of these sections run an important role to accomplish the time management. However, every part of development plans and actions will be futile without controlled, especially when there is a changing occurs in the on-going project. Upon that schedule control is necessary to determine the time management within a project.

2. Managing Project Time

“Time is a unique resource as we cannot rent, hire, buy or otherwise obtain more times as once has gone, it will never come back.” (Drucker 2002).

One of the most common afflictions of project failure is due to ineffective time management. Furthermore, ineffective time management or the lack of it will usually lead to one feeling the effects of stress due to closing deadlines. In order to be successful managing a project time constraints, it is important for a project manager to be able to accurately evaluate, analyze and estimate the events on controlled schedule which are yet to take place. Time management is about working as actively to create efficiency and effectiveness in order to achieving targets given, as for a project manager is to maintain project as planned. “When it comes to time management, understanding the sequences within a project and how they can proceed are important. A thorough understanding of the time management requirements on a project is important to tackling the risk management associated with it as well.” (Vince Versace, Construct Canada 2010)

A successful project schedule is built on a meaningful scope of work that has been identified and approved by the key project sponsors. The project schedule is simply the delivery of that project scope in a task by task out line. The objective of this activity is to ensure that tasks are executed as per schedule so that the deadline for the project can be met. If the schedule is unable to be reached, the relevant stakeholders need to be informed. The main actor in control schedule action will be the project manager. As a project manager, it is necessary to have a strong sense in organizing and balancing the project control. “Control Schedule is the process of monitoring the status of the project to update project progress and manage changes to the schedule baseline” (©2008 PMI, pg. 160) The purpose of schedule control is to take measures to eliminate schedule delay and ensuring tasks are on time. Controlling the project schedule includes several components: 2.1 Control Changes

• Control begins by recognizing that most projects do not go as planned. To prevent the project from falling behind, defining a process for continued control and monitoring of...

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