The Importance of Protected Sex

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Teenage pregnancy, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: January 22, 2012
Can you imagine having to urge to go pee 24 7, or what about gaining anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds, or even worse, contracting one of those nasty STD's we've all heard about? Well neither can I. Therefore, when abstinence is not an option, protected sex is a must.

In todays world, the image of sex is portrayed everywhere. On TV, the radio, social networking sites, even school and public settings. Teenagers are constantly surrounded by sexual intensions, it’s a part of culture that is truly unavoidable. The media, portrays sex as fun and glamorous in plenty of ways, whether its movies, reality shows, or magazine ads, they never portray sex as something awful that can completely ruin your life, and give you no option but to take a turn for the worst. Teen sex in todays world, is nothing but false advertising.

Most teens are not informed and educated on the risks of sex, and that is not entirely their fault. Parents tend to assume that children learn everything they need to know in school, and if they're not asking questions, that they're not even thinking about. That’s where their wrong. Most teens are timid about discussing this subject with their parents and are embarrassed to even bring it up. Studies show that teenager who can talk to their parents about uncomfortable subjects, including sex, are less likely to become sexually active at an early age. When teens turn to their peers about sex, they get sugar coated information that they have developed from the media, which leads them into thinking incredibly false things. Simply talking to your parents, discussing methods of protection, and how to obtain them could save teens lives, not to mention their reputations.

Although teen pregnancy rates in Canada have declined greatly, the problem is far from solved. Pregnancy and being a mother is something much too large for any teenager to even grasp. The stress, anxiety, and toll it takes on your mind and body, is something no teen is ready...
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