The Importance of Non-Verbal Communications

Topics: Sales, Communication, Understanding Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: June 18, 2013
John is a sales man in a real stat company. He was one of thirteen salesmen in the company, but he was the only salesman how understands the costumers. He knows the costumer that will, will not or might buy a unit from the first meeting. John’s success is based on understanding non-verbal communications. John’s story is one of many stories that show how important are non-verbal communications. Understanding other people, having previous expectation of the situation, and changing the feeling of other people are all reasons why non-verbal communications are important to study.

First of all, one of the most important things for doing business is communication, and good communication is based on understanding people. Non-verbal communications are one of the keys to understand people. specifically, understanding what they don,t show such as, their feeling about the product. Non-verbal communications are the movements that the body make. For example, if the person is afraid or not comfortable, s/he puts her/his hand close to the mouth. No body says in situation like this “I am scared.”

Most of people want to know things before they happen. Those information are very important in some situations. Non-verbal communications give information about what will happen. For example, in companies meeting there is a seller and a buyer. If the buyer is not paying attention and looking around, that means the buyer doesn’t like what

the seller is offering. If the seller knows that, the seller will try to do things that make the buyer buy. Non-verbal communications are the way that might help you to make a deal.

Finally, non-verbal communications are used in changing people’s feeling. They are used with students in a class room. For example, the teacher can ask students to do some movement that make them more confident. He/she can ask students to liy back on the chair and put their hands on their head. This movement change their feeling to be more powerful. Also, these...
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