The Importance of Happiness in Life

Topics: Consciousness, Psychology, Philosophy of mind Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The Importance Of Happiness In Life
The human essential that is needed is a person to emotionally vent to. For men, this is typically the spouse. For those that are single, this may be a trusted friend whom one has known for years. Many of the socially anxious do not have any friends, let alone one who listens to their problems.

Every human needs a release valve, a way of blowing off the steam. Otherwise, those nasty feelings are kept inside and the person ends up taking out the nasty feelings on him or herself or other people. The socially anxious become increasingly anxious, and rather than placing the blame of the problem in an appropriate place, they place the blame on themselves. Next, understanding that anger is just one of many states that arise in our mental continuum is important. Like sadness or guilt or jealousy, anger is just another state that arises in our mind stream and if dealt with appropriately, will dissipate. It is no worse or better than any other. It is when we hold on to our anger and allow it to consume us that we energize it! Happiness is a state of mind that has less to do with changing external circumstances and more to do with your inner self. In a global happiness survey, the USA came very down 23rd in the list of countries! So acquisition of wealth and possessions doesn't pave the way to happiness, it seems. The most successful people are not necessarily the ones whose hearts sing the is important to prevent rather than cure. That is why when the first signs of restlessness ensue it is betting to bring in a life coaching expert. Therapists focus on past events, to analyze the present emotional, and mental condition of the people. Life coaching uses the power of the mind to promote a positive effect on a person’s life. The mind is a powerful thing. It knows, it feels and it aggravates a person into action. Pursuing happiness is a mental effort. Actualization is achieved thru realization. A person is better able to see the road...
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