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The Importance Of Games In An ESL Classroom

By ladytsuki Apr 14, 2015 445 Words
The Importance of Games
in an ESL classroom
Presentation by Ana Faísca, Cláudia Ludovico and Elisabete Martins CURSO DE COMPLEMENTO DE FORMAÇÃO SUPERIOR EM
Spoken English I
Professora Sílvia Roda Couvaneiro
Instituto Piaget, Almada
March 2015

Children learn best when the contents are
relevant to them and when they can connect
new learning with old learning.
Finding connections between the new and
the old learning can be challenging at times
but games make them easier, clearer, funnier
and more motivating.

Let’s talk about
the Benefits!

Affective Plan:
They lower affective filter
They encourage creative and spontaneous use of language
They promote communicative competence
They motivate
They are fun

Cognitive Plan:
They reinforce
They help to review and extend
They focus on grammar communicatively

As Class Dynamics:
Student are centered while playing
Teacher only acts only as facilitator
They build class cohesion
They foster the whole class participation
They promote healthy competition

As far as adaptability:
They are easily adjusted for age, level, and
They utilize all four skills
They require minimum preparation after

To Sum Up
1. Games are fun and children enjoy playing them. Through
games children experiment, discover, and interact with their environment.
2. Games add variation to a lesson and increase motivation by providing a plausible incentive to use the target language. For many children, especially the younger, language learning will not be the key motivational factor. Games can provide this

3. The game context makes the foreign language immediately
useful to the children. It brings the target language to life.

To Sum Up
4. The game makes the reasons for speaking plausible
even to reluctant children.
5. Through playing games, students can learn English
the way children learn their mother tongue without
being aware they are studying; and so they can learn
a lot without stress.
6. Even shy students can participate positively.

What kind of
Games have you
got in mind?
We are now going to exemplify
(with your help, of course) three
different types of games we use
in our classrooms to consolidate

In conclusion, we believe that learning vocabulary through games is one effective and interesting way that can be applied in any classrooms. The results of several researches and our own professional experience suggested that games are used not only for fun, but most important: for the useful practice and review of language lessons, which leads to the improving of learner’s communicative skills.

They are also an opportunity to strengthen the emotional ties between the teacher and their students and that we believe plays a crucial part of the learning process.

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