The Impacts of Olympics 2012

Topics: FA Cup, FA Cup Final, Cricket Pages: 4 (1411 words) Published: January 15, 2013
a) Social and cultural

The staging of major sports events effects the host community in several ways. The most important is the so called “feel-good” factor created by the success reached in sports competition and the image created of the host city (Bowdin, et al. (2006) pp). This factor can even led to better motivation at the work place as stated in a study by the Hudson company: “Real-life accounts reveal that the sporting ‘feel good’ factor has a significant impact on the world of work: on individuals’ motivation, approach to tasks and relationships with colleagues. ‘Talking sport’ is a way of breaking down barriers between colleagues, customers and suppliers. Often, it can make or break a sale or the relationship between a manager and his/her team. ..Sport enhances creativity and promotes sharing of ideas.” (, accessed 12.04.10). Furthermore it can expand the cultural perspective of the host city and its inhabitants and be a tool to learn more about a foreign culture and break down barriers. “The City of Bristol illustrated the benefits to be gained through social inclusion, from hosting the West Indies cricket team during the Cricket World Cup 1999. The council in partnership with Gloucester County Cricket Club and First Group developed a range of events targeted at schoolchildren and the local Afro-Carribean community, including free access to warm up sessions, coaching clinics and school visits.” (Bowdin, et al. (2006) pp). But there are not only positive social impacts. The biggest problem in that context is the bad crowd behaviour and through that the building of a negative community image. “... However, the image was tarnished by the alcohol-fuelled violence of fans abroad during the World Cup 1998 in France and European Championship in Holland and Belgium in 2000, which some believe to be a main factor in England losing their bid to host the World Cup 2006.” (Bowdin, et al. (2006) pp). One way...
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