The Impact of Telecom Services Packages Advertisement on the Social Values of Pakistani Youth

Topics: Mobile phone, Sociology, Mobile network operator Pages: 9 (2852 words) Published: May 1, 2010
the impact of telecom services packages advertisement on the social values of Pakistani youth Abstract
This study will try to investigate the impact of telecom services packages like late night call & unlimited sms on the social values of Pakistani youth. As now a day’s cellular companies are mainly targeting youth through their advertisements and want the youth to get indulge in these activities in return increase their sales but the point is up to what extent youth showing receptiveness and emotional attachment to these packages. Study was conducted in 3 universities Iqra, Bahria & Foundation with the sample of 150 respondents, convenient sampling technique is used & results are measured using multiple regression test. Major findings concluded that cellular advertisements of unlimited sms & late night call packages have a positive impact on youth.

Keywords: advertisements, call packages, sms, social values, youth, cellular services

Now a days there are many packages existing in market with special discounts & unlimited sms & late night call packages have been introduced, so due to this reason the providers of cellular services are having a closer look for the migration of Personal computer consumers to become the cell phone user e.g. “GPRS rates have gone down, for example you can send hundreds of text messages per day to any network in the country”. (Omar Aijaz, 2008) was of the view that late night call packages mostly targeted youth that influences mostly at the 11th hour of might to early in the morning round about at 7. Mostly all telecom services companies are doing so like WaridTelecom providing night package with the name infinite craze or zem nites similarly Mobilinktelecom night package as raat shuru baat shuru etc. Likewise youth is mature and now parents don’t take a closer look at their children’s as the parents look at the things in different view as compared to the youth so as a result definitely positive or negative things are also perceived in different manners. The packages that were previously discussed in any case surely have affects on the study, healthy life and business life of youth due to staying up long at nights. (Omar Aijaz, 2008), furthermore the students (youth) will let their peers know about these services “word of mouth” is started we can say peer education begins and one can say immature group of humans acting as profession to teach different or additional immature group of humans (Clements, I and Buczkiewicz, M. 1993), and students are discussing their academic work even on sms. Cell phones nowadays considered by youth as “symbol of independence” (Babar Bhatti, 2008) they develop their own social groups and are able to elaborate or make one’s self owned body of words to communicate in the social gathering that is far from unnecessarily curious sight of their guardian (father and mother). These services are now utilized by youth in larger numbers i-e 24 hours and 7 days a week and still continues and more over has been made as a “the traditional amount of contact permitted before marriage”. Conversations are mainly done in bedrooms e.g. sms or late night call packages. Youth is making social ties away from their families and the interaction betwixt the guardians (mother and father) and their children’s came into being as not personal, so if someone says that love is in the environment or surrounding seems like it’s being in accordance of the surrounding because mobile carry texts related to romance and youth are focusing to the usage of these cellular services for the maintenance of their close and loveable relational ties. Cellular companies are “grabbing our new generation, these free night packages services provided by our Cellular Companies have become a great pleasure/encouragement to people like who aren’t responsible at all”, and looks like beyond morals because whole night indulging in these kind of activities affects are culture and traditions.(Babar Bhatti,...
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