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By mellywashington Apr 14, 2013 434 Words
Melissa Washington
Professor Marcincin
English 1
10 April 2013
Youth and Cell Phones Equals No Civility!

The courtesy that we as human beings know of, is what makes us somewhat respectful. Of overall experience and problems that occur among our youths today in the world when it comes to politeness and having full attention, cell phone use has took the youth away. As cellphones are becoming more powerful, our young children up bringing with regards to civility have failed.

The use of cells phones has caused our society to show incivility towards one another. Stephen L. Carter “respect rules of conduct have been lost in the deafening and essentially empty right-talk of our age” (672). Carter states civility doesn’t exist in the new generation. When you want the respect and to be acknowledge from the young and the talk and respectful ability is lacked, who wants to speak to the person.

Cells phones have took over within our youth. The manners from the youth are no longer involved. Newspaper article, Etiquette class teaches children good manners mentions, “I think you see a lot of teens who will be talking to you and simultaneously texting a friend. I don't think they even realize what they're doing might be considered poor manners,” Teens wouldn’t quite think of things such as talking and texting so much of a problem. Which little do they know it’s a big problem and highly disrespectful.

Not many of the youth see what they are doing. Including myself, I’ve personally had experiences with many cases that I was considered poor manners and not etiquette. It is most certainly a major problem in our generation. Have we lost our respect since now the power of cell phones are advancing; the manners from the youth are increasing.

In any case that is brought to a wide understanding. Can the youth learn civility? The youth of over generation doesn’t have much etiquette but to change must start immediately. We as young people need to know when and when not to do certain things such as having a conversation in person with someone and also responding to a person over a via text message. There has to be a line drawn in between. It will never be acceptable to allow such disrespect in all power there has to become a change. Not just with advancing in our technology but advancing in our manners as young people.

Works Cited Klapper, Caroline, Mountaineer. “Etiquette class teaches children good manners.” Waynesvillw, NC. 21 Nov.2011. Web. 7 April. 2013 “Just Be Nice.” Stephen L. Carter 1 April 2013

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