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Background of the Report: Our Course Instructor Mr. Md. Farhan Faruqui recommended us to prepare a report on "Warid Telecom" which will be regarded as the Term Paper for the summer 2007 semester. The report was supposed to find linkage among real-life advertisements by Warid Telecom and the theories taught in the classes of the course of Consumer Behavior.

Statement of the Problem: The report will try to answer the following questions:

 Is Warid Telecom applying the theories of Consumer Behavior in their marketing activities?
 Are the methods effective?
 Do the Consumers like their marketing activities?
 What is Warid's position in the market compared to other companies?
 Will these promotional messages ensure future success for Warid Telecom?
 What else Warid Telecom can do to ensure future success?

Statement of Purpose: The report will serve the following Purposes:

 Defining the practical application of theories of consumer behavior evident in Warid's marketing activities.
 Explaining the efficiency of Warid's marketing activities.
 Presenting a total picture regarding consumer feedback and responses.
 Describing Warid's position in the market.
 Few suggestions for Warid Telecom that will ensure long-term success for Warid Telecom

Scope of the Report: This report has been prepared within the following parameters:

 The report will cover the marketing activities and strategies undertaken by warid Telecom.
 The term paper is a comprehensive study of the consumer belief about Warid telecom. The report focuses on consumer's belief, perception, lifestyle etc. and presents a marketing strategy for Warid Telecom..
 The report is primarily based on customer feedback derived from the survey, which might not resemble the actual information due to sampling error.

Methodology: The marketing report has been prepared by utilizing information gathered from the primary source, the survey. Then the quantitative data was processed using the MS Excel software. In order to gather information, several secondary sources were accessed through the internet. Some data were collected from the homepage of Warid Telecom. Besides, the course instructor, Mr. Md. Farhan Faruqui has always helped us by providing information and vital guidance.

Limitations: We are pretty confident of the report's success but we believe it could have been improved. The following factors had limited our success significantly:

 The lack of co-ordination among group members.
 The view of consumers outside of Dhaka is not reflected in the report
 The vastness of the topic.
 The time-consuming survey.
 Some of the respondents failed to complete the questionnaire due to unavoidable reasons.


This segment of the report will provide a short description regarding Warid Telecom and its parent company, The Abu Dhabi Group. The segment will include the following topics: Company Background, Vision Statement, Network, Research & Development, and Rumors & Controversy.

1. Company Background

Warid Telecom is backed by The Abu Dhabi Group, one of the largest groups in the Middle East. The group is led by His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan who is also Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research United Arab Emirates. The Dhabi Group is a multinational company based in the UAE, which owns and operates a wide range of business concerns that are spread across 3 different continents. It has a diversified business interest in the institutions that have enjoyed commercial success as a result of its strong financial resources and extensive management expertise. Warid Telecom started its operation in May 2005 from Pakistan. On June 30th, 2007, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) and Warid Telecom announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement subsequent to which SingTel will acquire a 30 per cent equity stake in Warid Telecom for an estimated $758 million — valuing the company at an enterprise value of $2.9 billion.

Warid Telecom Bangladesh Limited is a GSM-based cellular operator in Bangladesh. Warid is the sixed mobile phone carrier to enter the Bangladesh market. It is wholly owned subsidiary of Warid Telecom International LLC which is the part of an Abu Dhabi based consortium led by His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan.

In December 2005, Warid Telecom International LLC obtained a 15 year GSM license to operate as the sixth mobile phone operator in Bangladesh for 50 million US dollars. Warid Bangladesh launched their operations on the 10th of May, 2007 and uses the code 16 preceded by the code number of Bangladesh +880. Warid Bangladesh has acquired half a million subscribers with in two months of launch.

The company started rolling out network from mid-2006. In less than a year, amidst much speculation, Warid Bangladesh launched their commercial operation with 26 districts – the largest ever launch in terms of network coverage and BTS Stations. Unlike its operations in other countries Warid Bangladesh uses thee slogan be heard instead of we care.

2. Vision Statement
Warid Telecom's vision is "To be the leading national communication provider with a strong international presence."
Warid Telecom's brand values include:
Quality – Warid Telecom wants to make a difference to people's lives. Its optimism is contagious. Warid is passionate about what it does and it has confidence in itself.
Simplicity - For Warid, clarity comes through simplicity. Warid recognizes itself as people communicating with other people. Warid is always direct and easy to understand.
Innovation - Warid constantly look to do things differently and in a better way. Warid gives color to all that it does. Warid is ready to push the boundaries and take risks.
Honesty - Warid is always open and honest. Warid says what it does and it does what it says.
Friendliness - Warid enjoys working and succeeding together by building close relationships. While it has a sense of purpose, it also has a sense of humor. Warid considers the needs both of its customers and of each other.

Warid Telecom's aim is to be perceived not only as a telecommunication operator of voice services, but also as a universal provider of comprehensive communications services for both residential and business customers. Warid strives to provide optimum level of support and care through its highly skilled and motivated team of professionals and through maximum network coverage and connectivity.

3. Network System:

At the corner stone of Warid Telecom's operational agenda is ensuring that comprehensive network coverage is provided to all subscribers across all locations. In this context, Warid Telecom has decided to opt for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology for its network in Bangladesh, as it is the global standard for digital cellular telephone service. GSM networks support enhanced data applications and more than 1 billion customers in 109 countries are using this technology. Warid Telecom would be launching its cellular services based on 900 and 1800 GSM technology, in order to optimize the utilization of frequency, thus ensuring the highest quality and service.
Warid Telecom's GSM network is set to cover 61 districts of Bangladesh to ensure that its service can seamlessly reach out to every corner of the country. Warid is also in the process of fast expanding its nationwide network to cover all thanas by the end of 2007.
Warid has partnership with some of the leading vendors in the telecom industry who help in providing the best and the latest network solutions for its businesses. These vendors include cellular giants Ericsson, Nortel, Siemens, Cisco and Huawei.
4. Research & Development:
Warid has made no compromise on investments required for research and development. With a projected capital expenditure of over US $700 million, Warid Telecom has been set up to provide a premium quality GSM service, which will reach out to most parts of Bangladesh by the end of 2007.

5. Rumors & Controversy:

The launch of Warid had been rumored to be on first the 16th of December and then 21st February, then somewhere in march and the latest had been the 14th of April. It was also rumored that Warid will be providing mobile sets such as Nokia 1100 at around 800 takas (roughly $11 US) and sets like Nokia N70, Nokia N72 and Nokia N73 at half the market price which created a tremendous enthusiasm among the youth of the country.

Recently newspapers have been publishing stories that Warid Telecom had paid kick backs worth somewhere around $15 million to the BNP lead alliance to obtain a GSM license.

MARKETING MIX for Warid Telecom
This segment of the Term Paper will cover the extensive description of the current Marketing Mix adopted by Warid Telecom.

1. Product:
Warid provides both post-paid and pre-paid connection plans. The post-paid plan is branded and marketed across the country under the name Zahi Post-paid, which means leader or royalty. The pre-paid segment is branded and marketed as Zem Pre-Paid.
The Zem Prepaid category is divided in three segments:
• Zem Prepaid
• Zem 1 Second
• Zem FnF
The Zahi Postpaid category is divided in three segments:
• Zahi 50
• Zahi 125
• Zahi 300
Zahi-Post-paid and Zem Pre-paid user enjoy various value added services(VAS), such as SMS, MMS, GPRS, 64K SIM, Dual SIM product, Corporate packages for product advertising via SMS, and a host of other features. However International Roaming is available only to Zahi(post-paid) users.

2. Price:
In case of consumer products, price plays a vital role behind the product's success and Warid Telecom is no exception. It has carefully set its pricing policy that is consistent with its overall marketing policy. Price of a product is very important for both the marketers and the consumers as the customers consider the price of a product before buying it. Price is one of the crucial factors for the consumer to decide the buying decision of a particular product. Compared with other telecom the price of Warid's connection is pretty low. Based on its packages, there are different prices & call charges. These are stated in detail below:

Connection Price TK. 75
Free Airtime TK. 50
Package Detail Pulse 1 sec Number of FnF (any mobile network) 5
Voice Calls
Per Minute On-Net (Warid to Warid) 2 Paisa /1 sec Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) 3 Paisa /1 sec On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.70 /min Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 1.40 /min Off-Net BTTB (Local/NWD/ISD) TK. 1.20 /min + BTTB charges BTTB Incoming Calls Free
SMS On-Net (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.50 Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 0.75 On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.30 Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 0.60 International SMS TK. 2.50

Package Detail Pulse 60 sec Number of FnF (any mobile network) 5
Voice Calls
Per Minute On-Net (Warid to Warid) 0.80 Paisa /min Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) Tk. 1.50 /min On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.60 /min Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 1.20 /min Off-Net BTTB (Local/NWD/ISD) TK. 0.80 /min + BTTB charges BTTB Incoming Calls Free
SMS On-Net (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.50 Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 0.75 On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.30 Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 0.60 International SMS TK. 2.50 Package Detail Pulse 30 sec Number of FnF (any mobile network) 5
Voice Calls
Per Minute On-Net (Warid to Warid) Tk. 1.20 /min Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) Tk. 1.80 /min On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.50 /min Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 1.00 /min Off-Net BTTB (Local/NWD/ISD) TK. 1.20 /min + BTTB charges BTTB Incoming Calls Free
SMS On-Net (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.50 Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 0.75 On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) TK. 0.25 Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) TK. 0.45 International SMS TK. 2.50
Now the tariff plans for Zahi post-paid connection are given below:
Monthly Fee & Others Zahi 50 Zahi 125 Zahi 300
Monthly Fee (in Tk) 100 250 500
Free monthly benefits Minutes, any network 50 min 125 min 300 min SMS, any mobile network 50 125 200 GPRS/EDGE Usage (in MB) 2 5 10 MMS (warid-warid, pear-to pear) (in number) 5 10 20
Other features Pulse 10 sec 5 sec 1 sec Number of FnF
(any mobile network) 10 15 20 Credit Limit (in Tk.) 600 850 1100
Tariff of the revised packages Zahi 50 Zahi 125 Zahi 300
Voice Calls
(in Tk. /Per Minute ) On-Net (Warid to Warid) 0.80 0.75 0.70 Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) 1.50 1.45 1.40 On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) 0.60 0.60 0.60 Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) 1.20 1.20 1.20 Off-Net BTTB (Local/NWD/ISD/EISD) 0.80 + BTTB charges 0.75 + BTTB charges 0.70 + BTTB charges BTTB Incoming Calls Free
(Tk. /Per SMS) On-Net (Warid to Warid) 0.50 Off-Net (Warid to other Mobile operator) 0.75 On-Net-FnF (Warid to Warid) 0.30 Off-Net-FnF (Warid to other Mobile operator) 0.60 International SMS 2.50

3. Place:
Warid has nine customer care centers around the country located at key points all over the country. These centers are directly run by Warid itself. Warid has another 90 franchises situated major places all over the country. This is the largest chain of retail outlets in Bangladesh.
Sim Card, Scratch Cards and sometimes mobile sets are sold at these outlets. Bill collection for post paid users and Zem top'up for pre-paid users can be availed at the franchises. These franchises directly appoint dealers and sub-dealers in their designated areas. However PCO packages are sold only at customer care centers.

These days, promotion is the most important part of the marketing process. It is the process of communication with the customers. Now Warid Telecom is using various promotional tools all over the country. For performing promotional activities, Warid Telecom is now using both print media and electronic media. A number of attractive TV commercials of warid telecom are on air which is being shown in all the bangla satellite channels everyday. All those commercials have been made with creativity and lot more effort and lot more emotion. These commercials have become quite popular. Warid is also using the print media for its promotional campaign. Almost everyday in all the popular newspaper, we can see the advertisement of Warid telecom which has been designed effectively. Moreover, a considerable number of banners/bill boards are also being used for their promotional campaigns which are very much colorful, attractive and reflects the message of the company. Warid Telecom is also sponsoring TV programs and news programs in various satellite TV channels.

5. Target Market :
Telecommunication industry has enterd into a new era in Bangladesh. In has created a revolution in this arena. Using a mobile phone has become a part of lifestyle of many people. It is not also playing as a part of lifestyle, but also working as a very affective media of communication in todays globlized world. Now, starting from teen-agers to older people, male to female, all these people has become affected towards mobile phone. Taking these facts into consideration, Wraid telecom has targeted all the existing segments in our country. For that, Warid has offered various packages to target the various segments of the market.


This part of the report puts light onto the members of the target group of Warid Telecom to provide a total picture describing them in terms of their demographic, psychographic, socio-economic and self-concept characteristics, through which an overall idea about the target market could be derived. All the assumptions and descriptions included in this part are based on the survey we had undertaken among potential target market members. The target is to justify Warid Telecom's targeting and marketing strategies by incorporating them with the characteristics of the target market.

1. Demographic Factors

The study and description of human population in terms of size, density, location, age, gender, race, occupation and statistics in any country is called demography of that country. Dividing the market into groups based on demographic variables such as age, gender, family, size, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality is called demographic segmentation which is necessary for any product's survey. From the survey we found the following demographic data:

1.1. Gender

Now a day, using a mobile phone has become a necessary part of the life-style for many people. These people include male, female, young, old and so on. But we couldn't think of it a few years ago. That is why telecommunication companies are targeting male, female, old, young and other people through different packages. As being a part of the industry, Warid telecom is not different from that. They are also doing that. Though the number of female users is increasing day by day, it's the male users who are still ahead. The proportion of male and female participants in this survey was like this: From the above figure, it can be easily found that there are 70% male and 30% female involved in the study.

1.2 Age

Age as a factor can change marketing strategy for a company. From survey finding, we draw a profile of the respondents.

From the above drawn figure, Majority of the respondents belong to 18-30 years group. 72% of the respondents belong to this group. 12% of the respondents belong to the group of less than 18 years people. This is 10% in terms of the group of 30-45 years people and 6% in terms of the group of 45-60 years people. So we can say that our survey was held more or less among all the segments that telecommunication companies are targeting.

2. Social Factors
2.1. Social Class: The following diagram shows the scenario regarding the social classes: The social class of the target market, represented by the members taking part in the survey, was determined according to their family incomes. It has been seen from the Figure-03 that 10% people's average income is less than Tk 15000 which is considered "lower middle class" in Bangladeshi society. It has also been found that 32% people's income belongs to Tk. 15000-30000, which is considered as the income of "middle class" in our society. 34% people earn somewhere between Tk. 30000-45000. They are considered as members of higher class in our society. Rest of the members taking part in the survey, fall in the affluent part of our society whose monthly income is more than Tk. 45000 which is about 24%. So it can be assumed that, most of the members of the survey belong to middle class up to upper higher class segment. Comparatively few people in our society fall in this segment. From the chart it is evident that the largest segment of the social classes is the higher class. Right now, the pricing strategies and call charges of Warid Telecom are tilted towards all the classes of the society but question may arise that whether Warid is being able to satisfy all the segments or not.

2.2. Leisure Activity
Different customers have variety in their leisure time. But they confine themselves with only few activities which they frequently do. From the table below we can easily find that most of the people who participated in our survey watch television programs. Some people browse internet and some of them watch movies in their leisure periods. Some read books or magazines. Some of the respondents have the tendency to chat over the mobile phone and rest of them has others.


From the above drawn chart we can see here most of the customer love to watch television in their leisure time which is about 32%. 18% of the respondents browse internet in their leisure time. 16% read books/magazines or newspapers and 16% watch movies. Few respondents chat over the mobile phone in their leisure time and their percentage is 12%. 6% people do other activities in their leisure time. From the survey it is clear, that in modern times life is constrained with duties, responsibilities & jobs and options for enjoying the leisure are few. As a result, television and electronic media have become the main source of recreation and entertainment for people. This can have major marketing implication. As television has become the prime source of entertainment, marketers of Warid telecom can capitalize on this media to reach its target market more successfully. The marketers can use the most popular magazine or newspaper to reach the target audience. Marketers can put advertisement in those magazines. Now a day, many people have become affected toward Internet which is the blessing of modern science. People browse Internet on their leisure time and among them, most people are young. To grab that specific segment of the market, what marketers of Warid Telecom can do is advertise their products on the Internet.

3. Self Concept

On an average, the survey portrays the following facts about the respondents in the target market. The average respondent characterized themselves in the following manner:

Neither Excitable nor Calm Somewhat Dominative Somewhat Youthful Neither Rational nor Emotional Neither Traditional nor Changing

1 2 3 4 5
Excitable 3.26 Calm
Dominative 2.7 Submissive
Youthful 2.46 Mature
Rational 2.96 Emotional
Traditional 3.34 Changing

4. Personality in Terms of Social Gathering:

From the gathered data collected from our survey, we can draw the following chart.

So we can see from the above drawn chart, 48% people attend a social gathering less than once in two weeks. 28% people attend a social gathering once in a week. 12% people attend twice in a week and 12% people attend once in two weeks. Though we have found from the survey that almost half of the people attend a social gathering less than once in two weeks, it may be just because of their too much business. People of our culture like social gatherings and this combined with their extrovert nature and high believability possesses a good opportunity for the marketer. Warid Telecom can organize road shows or informal chats among mobile users using Warid connection to gather feedback from them and to spread the positive attributes of Warid to others.


This part of the report includes the external factors that influence the purchase and consumption behavior of people. Here, the factors that specifically influence the consumer behavior regarding the purchase and consumption of Warid Telecom will be covered such as cultural factors, color preferences, gender roles etc.

1. Culture and Its Implication on Consumer Behavior
Every country has its own set of cultural factors that plays an important role on the purchase and consumption of people. Generally, consumption and thus success of any product is highly dependent on the product itself, but culture plays a vital role behind the decision making process. Besides being able to meet the needs and wants of the customers, the product has to adapt to the culture of the country where it is being sold. In case of Marketing the appeal of cultural factors is even stronger. The product design, marketing messages and packaging all has to match favorably with the country's culture. Otherwise the product is destined to fail in the long run. Below lies a brief description of cultural factors that influence the consumer behavior regarding Warid Telecom and the similarity among those factors & Warid's marketing operations.

Relevant Cultural Values
The important cultural factors that affect the purchase of Warid connection are described below:

1.1. Individual/Collective: Individualism is one of the most defining characteristics of the western culture whereas collectiveness is the defining characteristic of eastern culture. We, the Bangladeshi people, are also part of the eastern culture. Collectiveness is a striking feature of Bangladeshi culture. This value is one of the core factors differentiating cultures. It is so fundamental that it affects the self-concept and self-consciousness of individuals. Not surprisingly, consumers from cultures that differ on this value differ in their reactions to many marketing activities. So reaction to Warid Telecom based on this factor will not differ. Thus motivating and compensating Bangladeshi people using collective-based incentive systems and promotions may be effective for Warid Telecom.

1.2 Youth/Age: While Western culture is clearly youth oriented many Asian cultures have traditionally valued the wisdom that comes with age. Thus mature spokespersons would tend to be more successful in these cultures than would younger ones. However Bangladeshi culture is becoming increasingly youth oriented. That's why Warid telecom is trying to develop their promotional activities those are both aged and youth oriented.

1.3 Competitive/Cooperative: We can see generally Bangladeshi culture is cooperative in nature. Where culture is competitive in nature, aggressive and comparative advertisements are encouraged. In cooperative oriented countries, comparative ads have not fared as well. Warid Telecom, as operating its business in Bangladesh, does not encourage aggressive and comparative ads. Rather it encourages cooperative ads.

1.4 Performance/Status: A status oriented society is more likely to prefer "quality" or established brand names and high price items to functionally equivalent items with unknown brand names or lower prices. Whereas the society which is performance oriented prefer performance of the brand rather than the brand names. In our survey, we asked people that for what they use or might use Warid. The following figure shows the response of those people.

From the above drawn chart, we can see that 28% of the respondents use or willing to use Warid for high performance. 26% people will do it for cost effectiveness. But we can see that only 6% are willing to use Warid just because of the brand name. So we can say according to our survey that in Bangladesh, most people prefer telecom companies based on their performance and cost effectiveness rather than brand preference.

1.5 Tradition/Change: Tradition and change both have enormous impact on consumer behavior. Western people are willing to accept change where eastern people are more traditional. But now a day's young generation in Bangladesh has a tendency to adopt change. Aged people of Bangladesh are more traditional than younger people. Aged people usually fear any change while young people are ready to accept changes. Warid telecom are presenting them neither very traditional nor very changing because both types of customer are very much important to them. And following this Warid telecom is promoting its marketing activities in a manner so that it can grab both the market segments.

In our survey, we asked people about the connection that they are currently using. The following figure shows their response:

From the above drawn figure, we can see that 14% people are the users of Warid, 28% people are the user of Grameenphone, 40% are the users of Banglalink and 18% are the users of other companies.
We also asked the respondents about the probability that they will buy Warid the next time they buy a sim. Their responses are drawn in the following figure: From the figure, it is clearly seen that 28% of the respondents have said that they will definitely buy Warid next time. 40% have said that probably they will buy. 22% people are not sure yet. Only 10% said of course they will not buy Warid. So we can see that most of the people are willing to go for Warid. And for that, what the marketers of Warid need to do is to understand the mind of the prospect and discover and develop marketing opportunities.

2. Non-verbal Communication

Nonverbal communication plays an important part in the promotional activities of Warid Telecom. This is described below:

 Color as a nonverbal communication: It was found through the survey that many people criticized the packaging. Because the colors Warid is using in their packet and advertisement in the newspaper are red and blue, which is almost similar to Aktel. It created a negative attitude among some people.

 Name: Name is another way of nonverbal communication. From our survey report we can say Warid fails to setup a standard name for its packages (Zem and Zahi). 76% respondents of our survey have said that those names do not go with our culture. So people hesitate to accept these names.

3. Group Influence:
Choosing mobile connection is more or less an individual matter. But sometimes making a decision on purchasing it can be influenced by the groups. Decision making process is supposed to be straight forward, but in reality it is not always that simple. Since there are six mobile operator companies in Bangladesh, all the companies come up to the people with variety of offers based on the market segments. From these offers, people choose the one that satisfies their needs and demands. People choose particularly the offer that makes them delighted.

3.1. Type of Groups: Groups can be of various types and the differentiation can be based on several factors. Here, the Type of Contact will be primarily chosen to determine the type of Group. Depending on this factor the groups could be of two types:

3.1.1. Primary Group: Family is an ideal example of Primary Groups and in case of purchase and consumption of Warid, it is a dominant force another. Before buying a product or service usually we go for the opinion of family members. And if any of them is experienced with the service, definitely his or her opinion has some great impact on purchasing decision. As a result, the group influence is quite significant in this case because; through the discussion the attitude of one member concerning Warid Telecom is transferred to another.

3.1.2. Secondary Group: In case of Warid Telecom, the impact of Secondary Groups is also significant. Almost every people regularly engage in chats with friends beyond their own families, and in those chats as well they talk about their welfare, fashion, movies and also sometime about their telecommunication service like what are the new offering, tariff plan etc. In this way, a person may be influenced by friend, who might be a customer of Warid Telecom. For telecommunication service people, put a lot of emphasis on the statements of their friends.

3.2. Nature of Group Influence: The purchase and use of Warid sim involve Informational Influence and a little bit of Identification Influence.

3.2.1 Informational Influence: When Warid was first launched, people were so much curious about Warid. A huge crowd was seen in front of all the franchise centers of Warid Telecom. They bought the connection at that time. But, once they were satisfied with its quality, performance and network, they started using it on a regular basis and started to recommend it to new users and to their family members. Thus, the new users were influenced by the existing users through information provided by them regarding the performance of Warid.

3.2.2. Identification Influence: For an executive, organizational welfare is the primary objective. We see that organizations come into corporate agreement with Telecommunication companies. Once an organization comes into a corporate agreement with a mobile service provider, as a part of the organization, an executive also start to think that he also has to adopt it though he may not currently using it. As Warid is chosen by the organization, its executives also start to use it since it is the premium operator chosen by the organization. This can be an example of identification influence.


This part of the report includes an explanation covering the whole learning process from the consumer's perspective. It also includes other key issues such as perception, memory and product positioning. All these issues are the results of marketing activities undertaken by Warid Telecom. The target of this part of the term paper is to find the effectiveness of the promotional activities and to demonstrate the impact it is having on the minds of the consumers.


Perception is the process by which people come into contact of the stimuli (Exposure), deliberately notice that (Attention) and assign some specific meaning to each stimuli (Interpretation). So, apparently it can be said that perception is a combination of exposure, attention and interpretation. Just like any other companies, Warid Telecom is also promoting its messages in different media and the whole process of Perception is being applied effectively by the people on a regular basis.

1.1. Exposure: In short, exposure is the method by which a company wants to reach its target market through various courses. The courses are various media used by the company. Warid Telecom has utilized various Medias to gain the exposure to the customers. Such as:

1.1.1. Television Advertisements: Television is the most popular media. Television advertising can capture a lot of people. Initially, Warid Telecom was introduced itself through an advertisements on television with a nice song. That strategy worked quite well as it gained extensive attention by the consumers because of creativity in the ideas of the advertisements. Since then, Warid Telecom has consistently launched newer advertisements which are consistent with the product's overall marketing strategy and focus on product attributes successfully.

1.1.2. Newspaper Advertisements: Print media is also being used as a media of advertising by Warid Telecom. Now a days, popular newspapers like the Prothom Alo, Jugantor and other Bangla newspapers feature bright, colorful and large printed advertisements of Warid Telecom.

1.1.3. Billboards and Point of Purchase Signs: There are large and bright billboards have been placed in urban areas. Some billboards have also been placed in some rural areas which are very few in number. Point of purchase signs has been distributed to those stores from where consumers can buy Warid sim and also to those stores from where consumer can refill. . Moreover, these days the sides of large covered vans is being used to promote Warid's services.

1.1.4. The Internet: Besides using the electronic and print media wisely, Warid Telecom is also making the most of the ever-expanding Internet. It has launched its own website for the customers and the WebPages includes detailed information about the whole detail of Warid Telecom and its services, including availability, tariff plan, new offerings etc. All these help Warid Telecom to spread message to its consumers.

1.2. Attention: Attention is the phase where audience exposed to a stimuli, deliberately appoint one or more of his/her sensory organs to process the information of the stimuli. It is the time when audience of a stimuli uses his/her brain to explain what is described or intended to describe through the stimuli. In modern days, consumers are virtually bombarded with thousands of marketing stimuli each day. As a result of this, gaining attention of them to a specific stimuli has become quite tough and because of this marketers use newer and newer technique to grab their attention. Warid Telecom is also using quite a few tricks to capture attention of their target market.
1.2.1. Stimulus Factors: - These are the physical or external features of the stimuli itself that attract the consumers. In case of Warid Telecom, the stimulus factors are:

 Size and Position: Compared to other advertisements of telecommunication aired on television, the duration of advertisements of Warid Telecom is also quite longer. As a result of this, these advertisements run a higher chance to obtain attention from the viewers. Besides, Warid's advertisements on television always use a culture-oriented theme. This feature of the television advertisements is quite effective to receive attention from the audience as it affects them emotionally. In case of printed material, Warid's advertisements are posted on the last page or on the third page at the bottom half of the page, which is a prime spot for getting attention. In addition to that, the advertisements are quite big as well. Moreover, the large billboards have also been successful in getting the attention from the target market because of their huge size and positioning, where it is difficult to miss the billboard.

 Frequency: On printed media, the appearance of Warid's advertisements is quite regular and also on television advertisements are quite frequent. Especially, during prime time television programs and News, which are sponsored by Warid Telecom, the insertion frequency is pretty high.

 Color: Color is given extensive importance in advertisements and packaging. The application of color is quite effective. Warid's TV ads are very colorful that attract consumer. Not only that, the billboards that Warid has placed are also very much colorful that has the ability to attract the sight of people.

1.2.2. Situational Factors: Warid Telecom has targeted the entire existing market segment in Bangladesh. As a result, its advertisement is being shown during the whole day. Moreover, it is sponsoring news programs in television channels. News programs of Bangla satellite channels have become very much popular now a day. That is why Warid is sponsoring these news programs to grab the attention of the people. Moreover, it has sponsored some other programs. At the time of Warid's launching, it sponsored some talk shows with some famous media personalities, the subject matter of which was Warid Telecom.


Learning is the process by which individuals add, modify and remove information from their existing knowledge-base. Learning can be of two types; High-involvement and Low-involvement. We will be considering the learning concerning Warid's connection to be Low-Involvement learning as it does not trigger too much cognitive skills and analytical explanation in the minds of the consumers. People evaluate various packages offered by the telecommunication companies on the basis of their price, performance, call charge and other aspects but they do not spend much time or mental ability into it since the price of the connections in our country is very low now a day. So, we can perceive it as a low-involvement learning process.

Learning Theories Applied: The learning process concerning Warid Telecom includes the following learning theories:
 Classical Conditioning: The overall appearance of television advertisements of Warid Telecom generates a feeling of nostalgia and reflects the culture of Bangladesh in the minds of its target market. Thus it creates a positive impression in the minds of consumers. The very famous TV commercial of Warid, "Salam Bangladesh", has created a positive impression in the minds of the people through classical conditioning. In that advertisement, we have seen that the advertisement begins with some beautiful scenario such as sun-rise, water-fall, fishing scenario etc. Then some historical places such as Shaheed Minar, Oporajoy Bangla etc. are shown sequentially which are considered as very emotional places for Bangladeshi people. This advertisement is attached with a very nice & emotional song "Salam Bangladesh". People like this kind of feelings. As a result of this they connect this positive impression/ state of mind with the product as well. They assume that Warid will create the same impact in their minds as well. This is Classical Conditioning.

 Operant Conditioning: Traditionally, the Bangladeshi people put a lot of emphasis on the word of mouth. And this has influenced the learning process for Warid Telecom as well. When it was first launched, a lot of people were induced to purchase its connection. When they were satisfied with its quality, they told others about it and others got influenced by it as well and more and more people started to test it. When they were satisfied with its quality, they became loyal customers of Warid Telecom. Now, we consider the following situation. A person hears about the strong network of Warid Telecom and he purchases a connection of Warid. After using it, when s/he is satisfied with its network and service, now he will keep his loyalty to Warid and will peep using it. This time, s/he did not depend on the word of mouth; he is keeping using it because the strong network and cost effectiveness of warid Telecom reinforced his expectation and satisfied him. This is Operant Conditioning. Moreover, operant conditioning deals with the giving reinforcement to the customer that ensures the actual usage of the product or service. Warid Telecom has distributed free sim card among students of several private universities of Dhaka. Moreover it is offering free talk time along with the sim card. Warid has also stated that it will reward its customer Sony Ericsson mobile set who will talk more and more on a daily basis. All these are examples of operant conditioning.

 Iconic Rote Learning: Warid is trying to provide strong network and performance. The network system it uses is 3G communications which they call next generation network. Network is an existing concept with which Warid has paired the new concept of 3G communications and next generation network which reminds customers that Warid is pretty much reliable. This is nothing but iconic rote learning.

Characteristics of learning:

Importance: Importance refers to the value that consumer places on the information to be learned. Sim card of Warid Telecom is a low involvement product .So that the result is less. The service they provide is also in between low and high involvement.

Reinforcement: Reinforcement has a significant impact on the speed at which learning occurs. Warid tries to increase likelihood through strong network, service and rewarding its clients. Here positive reinforcement is associated.

Repetition: In this aspect, Warid Telecom is doing a fantastic job. Television advertisements are being aired more frequently throughout the day almost on every bangla satellite channel. Print media is also being utilized heavily effectively more or less on a daily basis.

Imagery: Warid Telecom has achieved a favorable and high imagery among the customers. Warid Telecom is incorporated with strong network, attractive packages and good service.

Stimulus Generalization:

Warid Telecom has demonstrated creativity and efficiency in communicating their messages to the target market effectively and has gained attention from them. All the advertisements were made with lot of creativity. Moreover, newer settings, stars and ideas were used. The basic theme of the advertisements reflects the Bangladeshi culture, its peoples' emotion and nostalgia of the consumers. All these have been targeted in order to convey the message of customer value. These were presented to the general people in order to generate the stimuli of those people.

MEMORY: Memory is the influence of all the learning activities on existing knowledge base, which is stored for future accessing and usage. It is the stored information kept for future uses. Memory can be of two types. Through the promotional activities of Warid Telecom, both the types of memory are influenced. Here is the description of those:

Short-term Memory: Short-term memory is the part of the memory which is currently in use. It has limited storage capacity and a lower recall rate. It is the accumulation of information currently in use or which might be used shortly. Short-term memory involves two types of information processing activities. Such as:

 Elaborative Activities: This includes the utilization of previously stored or experienced information, one's attitude, knowledge and other cognitive skills in order to process current and new information. Warid Telecom focuses primarily on strong network. It did not primarily focus on call charge that is one of the most important factors and the talk of the town currently. Their target is to provide strong network and extend it all over the country as soon as possible. The reason behind that is from past experience, consumers know that better quality products charge higher prices. So, Warid Telecom thought that people would logically analyze Warid's call charge and incorporate it with its superior network. This is an example of elaborative activity concerning the promotional activities of Warid Telecom.

 Maintenance Rehearsal: It is the process of remembering information by continuously repeating it in short-term memory. Repetition of advertisements is an ideal example of this type of information processing. Every time an advertisement is repeated, the consumers are reminded of the product and it decreases the chance of forgetting the product at least for the time being.

Long-term Memory: As the name suggests, this type of memory has a longer life and the recall rate is much higher. The promotional activities of Warid Telecom influence the following factors regarding long-term memory:

o Semantic Memory: It is the idea held by an individual about a concept, which is at the basic level. It is simply, what consumers basically understand about a product at a broader perspective. In the memories of the subscribers, Warid's connection is identified as moderate priced, balanced call charge compared to other operator, modern network system delivering better services and value to the target market.

o Episodic Memory: This can vary pretty much depending on the consumers. In a positive way, the example of the customer can be mentioned, who purchased the Warid Telecom for the first time, was surprised a little by its call charge because all the people thought that it would set a standard, liked the packages it offered and at last was satisfied with its strong and modern network system from the from the usage of the connection.

o Scripts: The concept of Scripts is used in promoting Warid on a huge basis. Information regarding Warid's packages, attributes and usage procedure are communicated through advertisements in popular newspapers and brochure that is provided at the time of purchase of the sim card.

o Schematic Memory: Schematic Memory is the complex association of different concepts regarding a product. It is the overall impression created by a product in minds of consumers. The Schematic Memory for Warid Telecom looks like this:

Figure-09: Schematic memory of Warid PRODUCT POSITIONING:

Product Positioning is the planned placement of a specific a product by the marketer in the minds of the prospect using various Marketing (especially promotional) activities. It is the actual result of all the promotional activities. It expresses clearly how the consumers perceive the product in real life compared to other competing brands. Consumers consciously do this ranking of brands in their minds based on various attributes of the product that bears importance to them. Perceptual Map is the tool that efficiently measures this positioning. The most common attributes used to judge a telecommunication company is its performance based on network and call charge/price. In terms of price and quality, based on the data derived from the survey we had conducted, the Perceptual Map for Warid Telecom looks like this:
Figure-10: Perceptual for Warid

Altering the Attitudes:

This chapter of the report will focus on the general attitude of the target market directed towards Warid Telecom. Several tools will be used to measure different components of attitude and methods to change them positively to benefit the brand itself and the parent company will be described.

1. People's Attitude towards Warid Telecom

The concept of mobile phone has become relatively common in our country. This industry has created a revolution in the communication sector. Now a day, it has become an integral part of our communication culture and to some extent a part of Bengali lifestyle as well. Once upon a time people were so much attracted towards land phone when there was no existence of this industry. But now time has changed and in place of the old values, new concepts have emerged and mobile phone is one of them. Now in this revolutionary era of mobile phone industry, Warid Telecom is the 6th mobile service providing company in Bangladesh. On an initial stage, the peoples' attitude towards Warid was very much favorable and was like that because, people thought that call rate that other companies charge is going to be reduced by a reasonable amount since Warid is going to charge a very low rate. But Warid did not focus on this particular fact. They were initially focusing on building strong network system and then extend the network system all over the country. The kind of network they use is called 3G communications whereas all the other service providers use 2.5G communications. Their network system is well known as next generation network among the people. Warid telecom is not charging that much in comparison to other companies in the market. People thought that Warid would set a new standard in call charging. But what it did is put its main focus on building strong network. More recently, it has offered a package that gives people the facility of having 20 Fnf numbers. This certainly has created a new standard in this arena. So the attitude of people towards this new company is being changed. Even though Warid has not offered the call charge according to the expectation of the people, but its pricing is in a good position in the public mind compared to the market leader Grameen Phone which was found in the survey that we conduct.

2. Measuring the Components of Attitude

The overall attitude towards any product consists of three components, namely: Cognitive Component, Affective Component & Behavioral Component. In the following part of the report three different methods will be used to measure various components of peoples' attitude towards Warid Telecom. Semantic Differential Scale will be used to measure the Cognitive Component, the Likert Chart to measure the Affective Component and behavioral questions regarding purchase behavior to measure Behavioral Component of attitude.

2.1. Measuring the Cognitive Component: While preparing this report, a survey among 50 consumers was undertaken. The participants were asked to place their beliefs on a Semantic Belief Scale, about Warid Telecom and other brands regarding several key aspects. Then the simple average of the responses towards Warid Telecom, Grameen Phone and an ideal hypothetical brand carrying all the desired aspects was calculated to find Warid Telecom's proximity to the ideal product. The calculation on the semantic scale looks like this:
Low Price 20% __ I, W _ __ __ G __ High Price
Strong Network 30% IG __ W __ __ __ Poor Network
Attractive package 15% I W G __ __ __ Not attractive package
Available 20% I G W __ __ __ __ Not available
High serviceability 15% I, __ W, G __ __ __ __ Poor serviceability
I = Ideal Hypothetical Brand W =Warid G = Grameen Phone
Considering the weight specified for each of the criterion we calculate the proximity of Warid comparing it to the ideal brand. Therefore the calculation for each of the brands looks like this:

The proximity of Warid to the ideal Brand = 156.2
The proximity of Grameen Phone to the ideal brand = 190.8

From the above measurement, it can easily be concluded that the proximity between Warid and the hypothetical ideal brand is moderate and Warid has to work a little bit more. We can see that from the calculation, the proximity between Grameen Phone and the hypothetical ideal brand is more than the same between Warid and the hypothetical ideal brand. The reason behind that is most of the respondents of our survey was very young people. Because of its high call charge, GP may be a little bit unpopular among young people though they are the current market leader. it can be said that, the belief of the consumers regarding Warid is very favorable, especially in terms of call charge and attractive packages compared to Grameen Phone.. In other aspects as well Warid evokes a positive attitude.

2.2. Measuring the Affective Component: The Likert table will measure the Affective Component of attitude of the consumers that reflects their perception and emotional reactions towards Warid Telecom. The participants of the survey were given some statements and they were asked to express their degree of agreeing or disagreeing to the statements. The following table shows the result of the survey according to the Likert scale:

Likert Chart
Statement Degree of Agreeing/Disagreeing Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Warid promises of great value. 9 20 17 1 3
Warid's packages are attractive. 7 24 1 6 3
I like Warid's tariff plan. 6 17 14 7 6
I like the name of the packages that Warid offers (Zem & Zahi). 5 13 9 14 9
The package name that Warid offers (Zem & Zahi) goes with my culture. 2 4 8 16 20
Warid's promotional Campaigns are effective. 3 18 16 8 5
I like Warid. 11 19 14 2 4

All the statements used in the Likert Chart were designed in favor of Warid Telecom and from the table it is obvious that some of the statements received pretty favorable responses from the people and some of them were unfavorable taken into consideration through the survey. It is clear from the table that a major portion of the respondent said that they did not like the package name of Warid. A few people liked it. But almost all the respondent has said that the package name that Warid offers does not go with our culture. Rather it sounds as Pakistani word. People of our country have a negative attitude toward Pakistan in general. So Warid should consider this matter very carefully. It should also work on its promotional campaign and its tariff plan.

2.3. Measuring the Behavioral Component: Measuring the behavioral component of the attitude is relatively tougher as it tries to predict the actual behavior of the consumer concerning the purchase and consumption. In order to measure the behavioral component of the attitude of people, the following three questions were asked to the participants:

(1) Select the service provider that satisfies your spending budget most efficiently.
a) Warid
b) Grameen Phone
c) Banglalink
d) Others
(2) Which brand are you currently using?
a) Warid
b) Grameen Phone
c) Banglalink
d) Others
(3) What is the probability that you will buy Warid the next time
You buy a sim?
a) Definitely will buy
b) of course not
c) Probably
d) Not sure

We have drawn a figure from the response of the 1st question from the respondents. From figure that we have drawn, we can see that 48% of the respondents have said that Banglalink satisfies their spending budget most efficiently. 22% has given their opinion in favor of Warid, 12% in favor of Grameen Phone and 18% in favor of others.

From the 2nd question, we have drawn the following figure:

From the above drawn figure, we can see that 14% people are the users of Warid, 28% people are the user of Grameenphone, 40% are the users of Banglalink and 18% are the users of other companies.

From the response of the third question, we have drawn the following figure:

From the figure, it is clearly seen that 28% of the respondents have said that they will definitely buy Warid next time. 40% have said that probably they will buy. 22% people are not sure yet. Only 10% said of course they will not buy Warid. So we can see that most of the people are willing to go for Warid. And for that, what the marketers of Warid need to do is to understand the mind of the prospect and discover and develop marketing opportunities. All that Warid needs to do is to work more on its promotional campaign and reconstruct their tariff plan.

3. Altering the Attitude towards Warid:

Marketers can apply certain methods to satisfactorily change different components of the peoples' attitude towards their products. In case of Warid, the task is not that much easy. But we know that Warid has already acquired a strong and positive place in the minds of the consumers and as indicated by the preceding part of the report, the consumers' attitude towards it is positive and favorable in case some of the factors. Warid has become able to create 1000000 customers within very short period of time. But marketing activities are not only about creating new customers, these are also about to retain those customers. It is also true that it has been found that in some other aspects, the attitude toward it is negative and unfavorable. However the present situation does not ensure a smooth future. So, Warid Telecom should take precautionary initiatives to reinforce its present strong position in the minds of the peoples and to ensure a smooth future.

3.1. Changing the Cognitive Component: It was found that, the proximity between Warid and the hypothetical ideal brand based on five criterions was minimal and the consumers' informational attitude towards Warid was pretty favorable. However, the only matter of concern is some people perceive Warid to be a bit unavailable. Also it has not yet been able to extend its network all over the country. Warid Telecom should take initiatives to change this perception of the people. The following steps could be taken to change the cognitive component:

(a) Changing Beliefs: Warid should focus on its superior network system which has been talked about from the very beginning. It should reinforce its position in the market as the best telecommunication company in the market. It should focus on its network, and other qualitative attributes. In order to do so, some marketing initiative should be taken. If people start to perceive Warid as the premium brand, then they would accept it even though if it charges a little bit higher call rate.
(b) Shifting Importance: Previously, people used to perceive that the company that offers the lowest call charge is providing the best value. Price and call charge was the determinant behind the choice. But, Warid Telecom can change this frame of mind by reminding the people about the network, serviceability and attractive packages of Warid Telecom. Warid must teach the people that providing the lowest call charge is not the only thing to provide value, providing value is also about to provide superior network system, tremendous service and to offer attractive packages.

3.2. Changing the Affective Component: We know that besides Warid Telecom, there are other 5 telecommunication companies in the market. All these companies have their own customers. May be these customers are very much satisfied with the performance of those companies and may be these people are loyal to them. Just as same, Warid Telecom has its own customer who might be satisfied with its performance. But, there are customers who are still not impressed with Warid, mainly because they are not that interested to Warid's concept. It is not that, they are not satisfied with the performance of Warid. These consumers are mainly the more traditional, who hold the old traditional values. To change their attitudes, in this case the affective component, Warid Telecom can use the following techniques:

(a) Classical Conditioning: To attract the more traditional and older people, a company can use classical conditioning themes in their advertisements. Warid Telecom has also used classical conditioning themes in their advertisements. We have discussed about those facts in the previous segments of this report. Warid is doing so continuously.
(b) Increasing Exposure: In this aspect, Warid Telecom can improve quite a bit. Though we can see that their advertisements are being shown frequently in all the bangla satellite channels, they should put more advertisements on media, especially on print media. Besides, more billboards should be positioned in places where they are easily visible. Then, Warid Telecom should concentrate on events and activations to reach people and to get actual feedback from them. Currently, Warid Telecom. is not doing activities like these, which it should.

3.3. Changing the Behavioral Component: If the Cognitive and Affective components of attitude are effectively modified then the behavioral components will automatically be changed. Besides, Operant Conditioning should be used. Though Warid Telecom has provided free sim card among students of some of the private universities of Dhaka, they should also conduct these sorts of activities in other cities and districts. Not only students, but also the segments of the market should be chosen for these activities. Warid Telecom should provide some free sim card to people to increase exposure and to inform them about its superior attributes. If it satisfies the people, then the peoples' cognitive component will be affected and it will increase the probability of being loyal to Warid.

PROPOSALS FOR PROMOTIONS There is always a scope for improvement. This part of the report covers the little modifications in the promotional activities; which, if applied properly, might fortify the current market position of Warid Telecom in the future.

Weaknesses in Current Marketing Activities and Remedies for those:

The following are the little weaknesses that exist in Warid Telecom's overall promotional activities:
1) Billboards:
 Currently, the number of billboards used is relatively low. The number of billboards Warid has positioned all over the country is relatively low in order to grab a large portion of the market.

 The billboards feature only pictures and the messages.

Steps to be taken to enhance the effectiveness of the Billboards  The number of billboards will have to be increased.

 The concept of Billboards is relatively new in the rural areas. So, some billboards could be placed in rural areas to inform and grab interest of rural people.

 Advertisements should feature stars and media personalities, who have positive reputation.

2) Print media & Website:
 The appearance of printed advertisements, if not that much then, is a little bit irregular.

 The number of advertisements on the magazines can be found very rarely.

 The homepage does not contain any user forum.

The following modifications should be undertaken:
 Advertisements on newspapers should appear more frequently

 Magazines should also be used frequently as a media of advertisement.

 The homepage should be updated regularly.

 The website should include information concerning user. It should contain a user forum where the users of Warid can post recommendations in favor of Warid on the webpage to create positive image.

3) Television Advertisements:

 Advertisements tend to focus too much on emotion related issues, rather than focusing on Warid's performance and attributes.

 No media personalities have been used in the TV advertisements.

 No IT expert has been used in any advertisement who can explain about Warid's next generation network feature.

Remedies for television advertisements of Warid Telecom:

 Some of the Television advertisements should focus on its attributes and performance.

 Media personalities should be used who have positive image to people.

 IT experts should be used who have a greater knowledge about its network system so that they can recommend people to use it explaining its strong networking attributes.


This part contains a whole review of the total Marketing Report including a brief summary, conclusion and recommendation.


The field of Marketing in the business sector of Bangladesh is not fully developed yet. As a result, the use of effective marketing tools to get consumer insights is still pretty minimal. Most of the large corporate houses existing in Bangladesh do not follow the global marketing trends properly but, now days the scenario is changing. The pioneering corporate houses are changing their marketing approach and Consumer Behavior has grabbed considerable attention from the people responsible for designing marketing activities. In this aspect, Warid telecom is continuously trying to implement its marketing plans considering the significance of Consumer Behavior. As a result, Warid Telecom is considered as one of those organizations who have the potential in the telecommunication sector of Bangladesh. Conclusion

The following conclusions could be drawn from the report:
 Warid is one of the highly potential telecommunication companies in Bangladesh.
 Warid's success is highly attributable to the successful planning and implementation of the marketing plan.
 Warid has achieved 1000000 subscribers within very short period of time but it still needs to work on.
 Warid Telecom is still a growing company, in spite of all the success it has achieved so far .
 People are willing to pay extra price for superior value.
 Call Charge, network, serviceability, convenience all these are very much important to the people in order to measure Warid's performance.


The following are the recommendations for Warid Telecom:
 Warid should expand its net work and coverage all over the country as soon as possible.
 No doubt about that Warid must maintain its high quality network.
 As the market is becoming more competitive day by day, Warid should a little bit careful about its tariff plan in order to survive in the market.
 Certainly it should be very much careful about its package name. Perhaps, it is one of the most important factors that have been come out from our survey. Our recommendation is, if possible, to reconstruct the package name.
 Frequency of Printed advertisements should be increased.
 In order to be a successful company, Warid must take care of all its employees, no matter how small they are.


4. Consumer Behavior, Schiffman & Kunak, eighth edition.
5. Consumer Behavior, Hawking & Best & Coney, ninth edition.


The following questionnaire was used in the survey to gather valuable feedback from the target market:


Dear Respondent, We, the students of East West University, are doing a study on Warid Telecom. Your co-operation to obtain the information will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to fill in the questions below.

Thank You Very Much for Your Participation.

Demographic Traits:

1. What is your age?

a. less than 18 b. 18-30 years c. 30-45 years d. 45-60 years e. more than 60 years

2. What is your sex?

a. Male b. Female

3. What do you like to do in your leisure time?

a. Watching Movies b. Reading Books or magazines c. Chatting over the mobile phone d. Watching TV e. Browsing internet f. Others (Please Specify)______________

4. What is your household income?

1 Less than Tk15,000
2 Tk15,000 - Tk30,000
3 Tk30,000 - Tk45,000
4 More Than Tk45,000

5. Name the channel you like most… a. Bangla Channels b. Hindi Channels c. Sports Channels d. News Channels e. others (Specify) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

6. How often do you eat out? a. Twice in a week b. Once in a week c. Once in two weeks d. Less than once in two weeks.

7. How many times do you attend a social gathering? a. Twice in a week b. Once in a week c. Once in two weeks d. Less than once in two weeks.

8. How would you describe your personality? ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

9: When you like to watch TV channels?

a) Early morning b) After 10 am c) At evening d) After 8 pm e) Others (please specify)_________________

Brand Related

1. What comes to your mind when you hear about Warid?

a) Be Heard
b) Be Young
c) Be passionate
d) Next generation network.

2. Place the mentioned brands according to your belief in the places below. A place can be occupied by more than one brand. Place (W) for Warid, (G) for Grameen Phone, (B) for Banglalink.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

3. Why do you use or might use Warid? For 1 High performance 2 Serviceability 3 Cost effectiveness 4 Brand preference 5 Internet service 6 Attractive package 7 Convenience 8 Other

4. Place your belief of the different attributes of different service providers in the seven spaces below. A place can be occupied by more than one brand. [Place (W) for Warid, (G) for Grameen Phone, (I) for an ideal telecommunication company.]

_ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

_ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Please state your level of agreement with the statements given below:

5. Warid promises of great value.

6. Warid's packages are attractive.

7. I like Warid's tariff plan.

8. I like the name of the packages that Warid offers (Zem & Zahi).

9. The package name that Warid offers (Zem & Zahi) goes with my culture.

10. Warid's promotional Campaigns are effective.

11. I like Warid.

12. How much do you spend for talking in mobile phone monthly? Tk.______________ a. tk 300 – tk 600 b. tk 600 – tk 900 c. tk 900 – tk 1200 d. more than tk 1200

13. Select the service provider that satisfies your spending budget most efficiently. 1 Warid 2 Grameen Phone 3 Banglalink 4 Others (Please specify)_________

14. How did you come to know about Warid Telecom? 1. from TV Ad 2. from billboard/ banner 3. from newspaper ad 4. from relatives/friends

15. Which brand are you currently using?

1 Warid 2 Grameen Phone 3 Banglalink 4 Others (Please specify)_________

16. What is the probability that you will buy Warid the next time you buy a sim?
1. Definitely will buy
2. of course not
3. Probably
4. Not sure

Signature of the Respondent Dated:--------------------

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    ABSTRACT This research study focuses on the possible effects of Globe telecom takeover of Bayantel on the services of Globe. It specifically examines if it has contribution on the profitability of Globe and to the consumers behavior. The researchers expect the acquisition to provide vastly improvements on the services of Globe, boost on its profitability and growing number of satisfied consumers. In collection of data, survey forms are use to be privately answered by the respondents. Simple random…

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    MARKETTING MARKETING PLAN Warid Telecom. 2. Situation Analysis: A) Company History: Warid Telecom takes pride in being backed by the Abu Dhabi Group, one of the largest groups in the Middle East and the single largest foreign investor group in Pakistan. It has a diversified business interest in the institutions that have enjoyed commercial success as a result of its strong financial resources and extensive…

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    COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND HUMANTIES SCORE:______________ PART 1 ESSAY (10 POINTS EACH) 1. Discuss the history and development of telecommunication in the US and in the Philippines. *In the US The first telecommunication recorded was in Africa, the Americas and some parts of Asia where smoke signals were used to communicate. Alexander the Great also used this type of communication in a war in 320 BC. Then in 1792, the first fixed semaphore systems or visual…

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    ................................................................................... 17 NEW GSM LICENSE HOLDERS ................................................................................................................................. 17 TELECOM INFRASTRUCTURE (TOWER) CONSOLIDATION................................................................................................ 18 VODAFONE ACQUISITION OF HUTCH…

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    Company History Globe Telecom. Inc. (GLO) was originally incorporated on January 15, 1935 asGlobe Wireless Limited with a franchise to operate wireless long distance messageservices in the Philippines. The Company eventually changed its name to the presentone in 1992, and welcomed Singapore Telecom, Inc. as a new foreign partner thefollowing year. GLO is a telecommunications company in the Philippines. It provides digitalmobile communication services nationwide using a fully digital network…

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