the hunger games

Topics: The Hunger Games, Young-adult fiction, Suzanne Collins Pages: 4 (797 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Ay’Zaa Hanyard
Eng. 111 – 70A
K. Schlene
September 27, 2014

Evaluation of the Hunger Games
The movie, The Hunger Games, is based on the book by Suzanne Collins and was made into a movie in 2012. It is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in District Twelve. After bombings and wars, North America turned into a country called Panem. Panem was split up into thirteen districts, but when district thirteen rebelled, the Capitol created something called the Hunger Games. The Games are an annual event where two tributes from the twelve districts are put into an arena and are forced to fight till their death, until there is one remaining victor.

There is a day called “reaping day”, where the two tributes are chosen. On the day of reaping in district twelve, Katniss’s little sister was chosen and Katniss volunteered in her place. The movie is about her fight to stay alive and make it back to her family. She goes through many obstacles and faces things that she never thought she would have to deal with. It is a great story about fighting for your beliefs with a hint of romance and action. The movie, The Hunger Games, is a good movie because the acting was good, the plot was interesting and intriguing, the action, and the special effects.

Every movie has positive and negative aspects. One big aspect of a movie is the acting. Besides the actual story, people focus on the characters and how they are acting. The three main characters all play their roles honestly and truly make you feel as if everything is real. Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence plays a role as a girl fighting for her life and freedom, and she is a very talented actress that moves her audience. Peeta Mellark played by Josh Hutcherson plays a love stricken boy, who can manipulate his audience into making them feel certain emotions. Lastly, Gale Hawthorne played by Liam Hemsworth, plays the role of the protective and loving friend. Right from the beginning,...
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